Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shepherd at 6 months

I am in LOVE with this little boy!

He turned 6 months on October 22nd.
He has been such a joy! I can't get enough of him.  He is such a happy boy. 
He is so quick to smile and loves attention.  
He never stops moving and is already trying to jump out of my arms to go even though he can't crawl yet. 
He sits.
He can roll, but doesn't do it much.  
Just this last week he started sleeping through the night 12 hours. Bless him!
He doesn't blabber much but he likes to growl and blow raspberries.  He says ba-ba-ba and sometimes ma-ma-ma.  I like to tell the girls that he is saying Mama, but really he's just making noise. :)
He loves his thumb and attacking his blanket.
He loves the johnny-jump-up.
He is loved by everyone.
I love his blue eyes and happy face.  
So Blessed!!

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Lindsey said...

These pictures are so amazing! You need to teach me how to use my camera!