Thursday, November 14, 2013

Happy Halloween

I admit that Halloween is a fun time had by all.  But I will also admit that I think Halloween is so stupid.  No offense.  I do love to watch how excited the kids get and love to get dressed up and they do look pretty darn cute.  I'm not into the scary things, that's all. :) That the part I don't get, why do people like to be scared?  We watched that Ellen show video where she sent a couple people through a haunted house.  It was so funny and I cried laughing so hard.  But I am with the guy going through it, "why do people pay money for this?" Enjoy that little video. :)

Milas took the kids trick-or-treating and I stayed home with Shepherd and handed out candy.

Shepherd has the best Dopey ears so he had to be Dopey.  He made the cutest Dopey around if I do say so myself.

Track was a dinosaur because that is the only thing he would put on.  He was not in to the whole Halloween thing, but he really wanted the candy so he bit the bullet and put a costume on.
Lindy Kills me! He facial expressions make me laugh.  She was a witch the first time they dressed up at the ward Halloween Party.  Halloween she decided to be Rapunzel, then Cinderella.  She had a method though.  When she put Rapunzel on I said "I thought you were going to be a witch".  She then replied very matter of fact. "No, I'm a princess. It goes witch princess witch princess like a petter-en." We went to pick up Dad from the train station and after we got home she put on Cinderella.  I asked her why and she said, "Rapunzel is for the car." Everyone knows that right? She is a fun girl.
Liza was all girl!! She was an Ariel-Fairy-Mermaid-Princess.  Liza loves loves loves to get dressed up and her hair done. Lydia got to have make-up so Liza wanted some too, but not scary make-up.  She was in heaven and loved looking at herself in the mirror.  It was hard to get a decent picture of her because she kept making "beautiful" faces.
Lydia was a vampire.  I have no idea where she got this idea but I went with it and it was kinda fun.  I think her friend Morgan down the street had something to do with it.  Lydia still loved it though.  She did look mighty scary.

Track-not loving this. Liza-beautiful. Lydia-look at my blood. Lindy-in her own little world. Shep-cute.

They were supposed to look scared of Lydia.

Happy Halloween!!!!!

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