Thursday, August 29, 2013

Party Planners

The week before school started the girls were busy playing and informed me that they were planning a party and were making invitation and were wondering how many people they could invite. "10?, or maybe 12?, What do you think Mom?" My first thought was I do not want to have a party, but because I had just recently read a quote that said something about letting your kids be kids and whenever possible to say yes, I went with it, but only if they stayed outside.  So they invited about 10 kids with their own hand-made cards.  And they were off to deliver the cards.

Liza writing her invitation she was copying what Lydia had written

There were 5 kids that actually showed up but it was cute watching my little party planning organizers boss everyone around for the party activities.

They had thought up a "show" that they did for the kids and the played in the water and rode scooters and bikes around.  They made a sign so that everyone knew where to park their vehicle of choice. See, very organized. It was cute, and I am glad I let them do it.

This is Lydia performing in the "Show" I wish I could remember what they called it.  I think it was something about a robber. Lydia must be running from the robber. 

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