Thursday, August 29, 2013

Party Planners

The week before school started the girls were busy playing and informed me that they were planning a party and were making invitation and were wondering how many people they could invite. "10?, or maybe 12?, What do you think Mom?" My first thought was I do not want to have a party, but because I had just recently read a quote that said something about letting your kids be kids and whenever possible to say yes, I went with it, but only if they stayed outside.  So they invited about 10 kids with their own hand-made cards.  And they were off to deliver the cards.

Liza writing her invitation she was copying what Lydia had written

There were 5 kids that actually showed up but it was cute watching my little party planning organizers boss everyone around for the party activities.

They had thought up a "show" that they did for the kids and the played in the water and rode scooters and bikes around.  They made a sign so that everyone knew where to park their vehicle of choice. See, very organized. It was cute, and I am glad I let them do it.

This is Lydia performing in the "Show" I wish I could remember what they called it.  I think it was something about a robber. Lydia must be running from the robber. 

"This is the way we go to school"

Monday was the first day of school for Lydia and Liza.  The excitement of the first day of school is always a fun time.  The night before Liza was not only excited about school, but was mostly excited to wear her new shoes. I love watching all the little Kindergartners line up on the first day. They all look excited and nervous. Liza was ready to go, she doesn't seem to need Mom much. I love independent kids.

One of my favorite things about school starting is doing the Fathers blessings the night before.  I love watching Milas place his hands on those little heads and talk to them as there father and give them a blessing with the priesthood from their Heavenly Father.  It gives me that small glimpse of love that our Heavenly Father has for his children.  It's going to be a good year.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

A long time ago.....

A long time ago I used to blog. :)

I was recently looking at a blog of someone that I don't know, and enjoying her posts and advice. She was talking about how she loved blogging to document her families life.  I looked back on my blog and spent an hour reading old posts and loving it.  It was so fun to read and look at my kids when they were that much smaller.  And I was also a little sad that I haven't documented any of Track's life so here's to hoping that I can be a better journal-er.

A couple months ago I was frustrated with myself because I have a horrible memory and couldn't remember some things about my kids or an activity that we had done that I couldn't really remember doing.  Then I had the thought that if I would journal I would be able to remember things.  So I started journaling better in my own journal and I have a journal for Lydia and Liza that I started when they were little and I started writing more in those. (I have yet to purchase one for the other three, baby steps)  And this is my next little step to help me remember my kids better.  Heres to hoping it works.

We have had a crazy summer and it seems like it has flown by.  Milas has been out of town for quite a bit of it, we have had company, we have been out of town, we have celebrated birthdays, we've done swimming lessons, and sometimes we have done nothing and enjoyed just being home with no where to be.

Lydia's birthday was last week and she wanted a few little things, but mostly she wanted money so that she could go shopping.  So Yesterday we went shopping.  I really enjoyed her company.  It is fun to watch he grow and become more and more independent.  She is such a sweet girl.  Liza came with us to go shopping and she was having a hard time with the fact that she only had $3 and there really isn't much you can buy with $3.  We went into a store and she had put a quarter in one of those vending machines that gives you a little toy that is incredibly lame, and it ate her quarter.  That really put her over the edge and she started crying.  We left the store and she was empty handed.  She was so sad and Lydia noticed and felt bad for her.  Lydia was trying to comfort her and asked her if she wanted something of hers.  So Lydia gave Liza her little giraffe beanie boo that she had just gotten for her birthday.  I was so impressed with Lydia that she had compassion for Liza and was being so thoughtful.  I was a proud Mom.  We went to another store with two happy girls.  It is so rewarding to try to teach your kids these things and then see them in action.  I love it.

This is the Beanie Boo she gave to Liza. (look at that face of adoration)

On our kids birthdays every year we mark how tall they are on our family growth chart she is 3 ft and 10 in.

We let our kids cut the cake on their birthday in this case it was brownies.  Who wants cake when you can have brownies?

Milas was out of town for Lydia's birthday so he took her camping the weekend before.  They had a good time together, and Lydia loved that one on one attention with Dad.

These are the rocks just for me. They send me a picture text with this just for me. :) So sweet of them to think of me.

And of course they had to stop at Guitar Center on the way home.

She was so tired when she got home.  They stayed up late roasting Marshmallows and playing Uno.  They got up with the sun and went on their hike.  She was pretty exhausted, but had so much fun especially because out of the 99 times they played Uno Dad only won three times.

Milas went to Paraguay, Idaho, Nevada, and back to Idaho this summer.  We spent a lot of time on the phone with him.
Track really talked his ear off, I'm not sure Milas understood much, but all that matters is that Track thinks he did. So cute.

I have so many pictures to go through.  Swimming lessons were so fun for the kids and for me to watch I hope to get those on here. but considering how this post took me 4 days to do it might be a couple weeks but here is cute Shepherd just for kicks. 

until next time...