Monday, February 21, 2011


Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks prego, and I am sure feeling like I am 39 weeks prego. Milas is taking one of his CPA tests on Friday so the goal is to make it past Friday to have this bundle of BOY! We are starting to settle on a name, but knowing us, it could change. Naming is so hard!! anyways here we all are last week on Sunday at 37 weeks and 5 days.

Liza's 3rd Birthday!!

Liza's Birthday was on January 29th. I'm late, but way better than I did for Lydia, so making progress.

Liza turned 3, and she is surely 3. She says she's big, but knows that she isn't very tall. :) She is such a shorty, but we love it. Her and Lindy are very close in height. I get asked all the time if they are twins.

Liza is such a princess! She loves are things girly and pink. She loves to get her hair fixed and wants to wear a dress everyday. She is such a sweet girl and is a pleaser. She is usually the one to give in if one of her sisters is crying over something. She is a peacemaker. We love that about her. Her sisters are pretty lucky to have a sister like Liza. She had a great birthday and got way too spoiled. All she really wanted was a pink cake with candles, So all the other presents she got, she was excited about.
Her birthday was on a Saturday so we took advantage of Dad being home and decided to leave Lindy with some friends and take Liza and Lydia to see Tangled. We had a couple coupons so it ended up only being $12 for the four of us. I KNOW!! We would go to movies more often if it was always that cheap. We all enjoyed the movie thoroughly. What a fun day we had. I love birthdays for little kids. They are so happy and excited about everything. It is fun to spoil your kids like that on their birthdays too.

Pictures in random order, but it'll do.
making pizza. (I think Lydia had a little something to do with Liza deciding this is what she wanted for dinner)
She got measured on our family growth board.
My mom made Liza this awesome ABC book for Liza, it is a book with pictures of Liza doing different things. So cute. Liza loves it.

Pretty birthday girl! such a poser :)
opening her present from Milas' Mom and Dad. It is luggage with her name embroidered. I had to hide it and put it with the other luggage. It was a fun toy that could hold lots of other toys. :) Liza likes to put random things in bags and purses.
Checking out the doll house, we were given from some friends (thanks Tobers) Yes it's true we are cheap and gave her a used toy. But she loved it and was so excited to play with it.
Milas got her a little radio/mp3 player thing for kids. Liza loves to sing and dance and listen to music. This was very exciting if you can't tell.
very exciting!

This is all she wanted! and she got it. Such a big girl.