Sunday, October 17, 2010

Lydia's birthday Party

Here are some pictures from Lydia's princess party. It was a lot of fun. have 5 four year olds over to play and listening to their conversation over luch was so funny. We played with hula hoops, did some relays, ate food and opened presents. What a fun time we had.

princess Liza

Mark (love the seriousness of hula hooping)





Mark, Kenna, Erylin, Lydia, and Karli

That is one bumch of cute kids is all I have to say.

Lydia's birthday

I am feeling so bad, going through all the pictures, and I can't believe Lydia never got a birthday post. Such a bad Mom. Gosh!! So 2 months late, here is a happy birthday Lydia post. Even though it as only been two months she has already starting talking about turning 5. crazy girl! She is so much fun, and is growing up too fast. We sure love her.

She was sick in the morning but was better after a nap. She requested going to pizza so we went to chuck-E-Cheese. It was a lot of fun! Then we came back for presents and cake. She was so excited about her presents and cutting her own cake.

Friday, October 8, 2010

What the!!!

So we are having a boy. So weird!! the ultrasound tech pointed a shot at the bum and I said, that's a boy, she comfirmed and Milas shouted Hooray!! Milas is really excited, he even posted on his facebook before I did, :) I am excited too, I think, it's just weird. who knew I could grow a boy. :D it is exciting!!

I need to do some shopping to help ease me out of baby girl thoughts. AHHH!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Summer pictures - July

In July, Momma came to visit, Aunt Mack also stopped by, Laura went to girls' camp, we took a trip to Denver, and . It was a week full of sweetness. We did FHE at the Butterfly Park (with a picnic dinner and everything), and celebrated the good ol' Fourth of July.

watching the firework, that Liza was affraid of for months after.

Lindy reading her birthday book from The Kent and Jodi's. Such a cute book!

washing the windows. such big helpers.

playing the arcades at the New York New York, while Mom and Mack went on the roller coaster.

"We went to McDonalds one night and we asked Liza what she wanted and she kept saying "just cheese" We would ask her if she meant a cheese burger and she would say "No I want cheese" We laughed at her, because as we are laughing she kept a straight face, in all seriousness all she wanted was cheese, and because she's cute, she got cheese. and some of Mom's french fries of course.

playing the the water at the Childrens museum.

watching the fountains.

Belagio gardens


painting brown paper blue. don't want to miss a spot.

Playing at Monkey Bizness in Denver.