Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer pictures - June

In June we:

Had Lindy's birthday, flew kites, went to Laughlin, NV (aka Laughganistan), and spent a lot of time at the park.
(and sorry for the picture placement, my job was to post pictures, not to make it look pretty, although the leading lady here sure makes that part easy - two thumbs way up)

Liza brought home a father's day present that they had put together in nursery, and they were so excited to see that there was candy in there (P.S. we have the greatest nursery leaders ever)

Liza doesn't know how to take smaller bites.

See what I mean?

Like mother, like daughter.

This summer these three really started playing well together.

Summer Pictures - May

I was looking back and noticed that we missed posting a few events throughout the summer. I don't think that I'm as good at explaining things as Laura is (since really my job was only to post pictures), so, just enjoy the view...

In May we put our drip line in for our garden and started to watch them grow. This was our first summer doing the gardening thing, and hopefully we learned enough this time to do even better next year.

Lydia, Liza, and Lindy.

A visit from the cousins (Jackson and Jillian).

Our anniversary and birthdays. One thing that I have to say about Laura's birthday was that hers turned out way lame this year. Her birthday was on a Sunday this year, but there was a fireside that night that I had to sing at, and my calling (ward clerk) kept me occupied most of the day, so we decided that we were going to try and celebrate it on Monday (which was Memorial day). I don't think that I did a very good job making it a very special day, and I totally worked over the cake. She wanted cobbler. So I got the fire pit going, prepared the cobbler, but because of how long it was taking to prepare the coals, I put the dutch oven onto the coals while they were too hot and it burned most of it. Then, apparently the cobbler was too hot when I pulled it out because by the time happy birthday was sung and the candles were blown out, about 3/4 of each of the candles had melted into the cobbler so it was not so good. Maybe next year we'll just stick with the ice cream cake.

I still apologize every morning to Laura for such a bad birthday. It's ok though, we'll HOOK YOU UP next year! Sure love ya.

P.S. Sorry again...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Boring! family update

So a couple days ago Milas wrote me a little love note that said, "So the blog is pretty boring..." I guess it isn't really a love note, but since he said it was I thought I would post a little love on here. And it will be really boring. :) We had a great summer, we had visitors and visited and played and milas worked and we just lived out lives. So that was that. I got released from Young Womens in May I think it was. But still got to go to camp. They called me as the assistant ward camp director. Really, I hardly did anything because the director (Julie Spear) is amazing and I just helped where she needed it, So I think I got the fun job. I enjoyed it. My mom came up so that I was able to go the whole week. I am glad she did because it was a lot of fun. I just love the young women.
I am drawing some blanks as to how the summer really went. But as I remember it, it was fun and hot and I am so glad it is starting to cool down. The high today is 99. Wohoo!! :)
So shortly after camp I got called to be a sunbeam teacher of 15 sunbeams. no worries, I team taught with a lady in our ward. We still had some crazy weeks. I only did that for about 2 months, and then because I started liking it, they decided I needed a different calling so they called me to seminary. I also team teach with a lady in my ward, which is SO NICE. Not sure I am to that point of liking the morning so much. I like the kids. So we will see how long it will take me to get the hang of it and really like it so that they will release me. Seems to be the way it goes with me. Anyways, that is really why I havn't blogged for a few weeks at least, because I kinda like to take a nap or plan a lesson during nap/quiet time. So I think I should get a pass Milas.

Lydia turned 4 this summer. We were so excited because she had been counting down for about 9 months and would pray about her party and presents everynight. So we were glad to get to the big day. She ended up being sick the morning of her birthday, which was pretty sad, but after a nap she was fine. We went to Chuck-E-Cheese fro dinner and came home for cake and presents. The next weekend She got to have a first birthday party with 4 friends. I told her she could invite 4 because she was 4. So she picked her 4 friends and they came over and we had a little princess party, which was really pretty laid back, we played some game and danced and ate and they mostly just played together. So now on to couting down to 5 years old.
We are in a little pre-school co-op and we just started that last week, she loves it! last week they made a book about them, and there was a page that said. I want to be a __________when I grow up. Lydia said she wanted to be a 5 year old. perfect. so do I. :) She is a fun little girl. She loves to draw and write random letter everywhere. She especially likes to draw pictures of our family and of her name everywhere. I would have stacks and stacks of paper if I kept all her pictures.
Liza, is pretty bossy and likes to pretend she is the Mom to everyone, but especially Lindy. She think that being the Mom means putting people and stuffed animals on time out, or telling them no. She does comfort very well too whenshe plays Mom. Her and Lydia pretend all the time to be different people and they will come tell me who I am. It gets comfusing sometimes though, because they will be talking and ask a question and address it to "Mom" I will answer and one of them will say "no Mom Liza's the Mom" or whoever is the Mom at the moment. If one is the Mom and one is the Dad, they talk to eachother as Laura and Milas. Then that makes me the Grandma. :) They are pretty funny to watch play.
Liza is so short, it's funny. She is so fun to watch, just because she's little. She's little but a littel firecracker. She pretty much does whatever she wants, I am learning how to channel her wants and try to figure out to help her WANT to be nice, or be good. We're working on it. She is pretty fun. She talks so much, and loves to sing. There is pretty much nothing sweeter than a little Liza singing I am A Child of God to Lydia at night, becaue Lydia is sad or scared or whatever the stalling tactic is that night.
We are working on potty training. I thought she was all potty trained, and then she wakes up one morning and refuses to wear panties. I am telling you she's a firecracker fighter. She totally gets it and can do it, I think she just doesn't want to, and she realized that diapers are way easier for her. So that is Liza
Lindy is 16 months and has been the best baby. She is still a great baby, unless we are at church. 2 more months to nursery. YAY!! She still can't have Gluten or milk so I am still learning how to work around that for meals, but I am getting better at cooking gluten/milk free.
She wants to be big and loves to follow her sisters around and has really learned how to push Liza's buttons. She is very talented at stealing toys from Liza and knows to run away really fast. She just hasn't figured out that Liza is faster. Lindy is a clingy child to me a lot of the time, which is surprising to me, but whatever. If Lindy is awake, she is usually pretty close to me. Cooking dinner is so much fun with Lindy playing or crying at my feet. :) She talks to us in her jibber jabber all the time, and we can't help but laugh. I love this age so much. It is so much fun.
Milas is working hard and is studying hard as always. He just does his thing and is so awesome to make time for us. He is great at coming home and relieving some stress. He cleans and fold laundry after it has been sitting in the basket all week, and playing with the girls. He always has plans to be going to help someone do something like moving, or wireing or something. I love that he is always so willing to serve. Gotta love him. even though he thinkis I'm boring. He will we traveling quite a bit in the next few months so that's not great, but we deal. He will be in Utah working so we will go with him and comtinue on the Wyoming to see me family. I am looking forward to that. He got to go to Costa Rica in August and he got to do a little sight seeing and fun things this time, so it was fun for him. He will be going to Cairo this year too and I think he is looking forward to that.
Fetus is just growing and growing. I am 16 weeks. We will find out next month if we will be adding another girl or switch things up a bit and get a boy.
So that is us. in a boring-kinda-nut-shell. I am nominating Milas to put pictures on because now I am going to go take a nap. Happy blogging!