Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Family Vacation to Denver

Last week we took a summer family vacation to Denver, I guess we actually stayed in Littleton, or Highlands Ranch, they're so close, I was confused where we were. We stayed with Sarah and Dan. It is always fun to see them, and I always wish we lived closer. The girls had fun playing with other toys and with their cousins. Liza loved on baby Bella, Lindy loved the new toys and being bigger than someone, and Lydia was just content to do something exciting and out of the ordinary. We drove the 11 hour drive on Saturday the 24th. We felt like pioneers traveling all day, mostly because it was pioneer day though. I was pleasantly suprised how well the girls did. They were just too excited to get there to be mad. Lindy struggled at times, but we were prepared with toys and food. We left our house around 8:30am and got there around 9:30pm or 10:00 I think, I am not positive. We started our fun-filled week off with Church on Sunday, and I'm not sure that any of us sat through a whole class except Liza, but even she didn't do it happily. Lydia wouldn't go to primary so she came to sunday school with the big kids and Lindy. Lindy makes listening difficult. I went to Relief Society which Lydia called Primary for the big girls. She asked me if the teacher was going to pick me to go up there. That would be fun, but no. I helped Dan during RS with a Bella blowout, Sarah had to play the piano. I was walking down the hall holding Bella in just a diaper while Dan was cleaning his white shirt stained yellow, and a little girl saw and turned to her mom and said, "That baby is not modest huh mom?" She sure wasn't modest, but I figured she is young enough it would be ok. So I guess Sarah and Emily got to sit through a lesson, no wonder they are so spiritual all the time.

Monday we went swimming. Swimming is always fun. I have water girls. Lindy thinks she can do everything Lydia and Liza can do, so she is a little dangerous in the water. She fell and chipped her front tooth. But that was our only major problem in the whole week, and it wasn't that bad. Just a tiny little chip you can't notice without touching it.

Tuesday we went to the Denver zoo. We had tons of fun, and were quite hot at the end of the day there. We picked the hottest day to go, but it was still cooler than Vegas so we tried really hard not to complain. The girls' favorite part were the Giraffes. There was a baby giraffe, and everything baby and small is 'so cute' and loved by Liza and Lydia. Lindy liked the millions of monkeys, she wanted to go in and play with them. Liza picked herself a cute little stuffed giraffe for her souvenier.
Tuesday night Milas and I got to go on a date. We went to dinner with a friend of Milas' from home and his friend's girlfriend. It was very yummy food and good company.

Wednesday, we went to a play place called Little Monkey Bizzness. It was so fun, and perfect for little kids. I wish we had one here.
Wednesday afternoon, while the kids were napping, Milas stayed behind and Sarah, Emily, and I went shopping. He is such a good dude, and I do love shopping with my sisters. We found matching outfits for my girls and Bella. My mom said they looked like St. Patricks Day. Which is true.

Thursday we went to a mall that was supposed to have a cool play area, but it was being renovated so we just ate lunch there and went and played at the toy store, where Lydia found her souvenier, an umbrella.
Thursday night My mom, Grandma Shay, and Levi came over for dinner. They were in Ft. Collins for a swim meet for Emily and Levi. So they came to get Emily and visit. It was fun to see them.

Friday we decided to make out drive home, because the girls were either sick or getting sick with a cold, and we wanted to have Saturday at home to do things like grocery shopping. So we made the trip home and got home about midnight. I slept so good that night. And that is our vacation. It sure was fun!

Tuesday - Zoo

Dori and Nemo's

Lindy enjoying the fish

Wednesday - Monkey Bizzness

This cracks me up, especially with theh other side.

Lydia is so helpful.

Uncle Milas coming to get Wyatt

Building a tower. Milas had to stand on Emily to get that top piece on. and then they just knocked it over. I guess that's whey building a tower is fun.

Lindy saying Hi. Her favorite word and game. really it's peek-a-boo, but she just says Hi instead of boo.

Jumping Liza

Lydia was so annimated about everything. She had so much fun. She even found a friend to play with while we were there, They both just called eachother 'friend'. They little girls came up to me because she couldn't find Lydia and asked me, "Where is my blue friend?" They even had told eachother thier names and they knew them, but they still called eachother friend. I think I am going to start that, then I don't ever have to make anyone feel bad, because I forgot their name because I'll just call everyone friend. Such a good idea.

Thursday - St. Patricks Day

Sarah made a cake, and told Lydia is was a birthday cake. We sang to her and everything. She told Sarah, "This is my best birthday ever."

Lydia's souvenier umbrella

such a poser, I love it!

running after we made them sit to take pictures

Wyatt never really stopped running

It is pretty near impossible to get a good one of all these kids. Lindy sure is telling us what she thinks of it.

With Great Grandma Shay. I wish we would have sat my mom in there too. What were we thinking.

Friday - Sad and happy to be going home