Saturday, June 26, 2010


Milas has to work in Laughlin, or as Milas calls it Laugh-ganisitan, a couple weeks ago. So we decided to join him in the middle of the week. He left Sunday with the guys he was going to be working with, and we left on wednesday night after dinner. It was a nice short two hour trip, so we got there, took a look around, and got ready for bed. Lydia and Liza were super hyper and excited to be sleeping together as a family in a hotel. Lindy was not thrilled about the pack and play, but she got over it soon enough.

In the morning the girls and I got up and got ready to go swimming and I realized I forgot floaties. So we decided to meet Milas for breakfast, because he had been working since 4:00am or something rediculous like that. We then went to the store to find floaties. We finally made it to the pool and enjoyed the morning in the water and sun, and covered in sunscreen. We all, except Milas, had a really nice long nap, and met Milas for dinner, then retired to bed after a nice walk through good ol' wal-y world. Milas finished earlier on Friday so he could join us for the fun. We had been swimming all morning when Milas joined us, but we continued to enjoy the water. It was a lot of fun, I just wish Milas would have been able to hang out with us more.

This is not even fun to read, I know, but that's how it went down.

The picts are not great, I forgot my camera as well, along with a million other things, so they are disposable camera quality.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Lindy

To kick off June, we celebrated Lindy's birthday! I can't believe she is one. That year went by so fast. She has been such a fun baby, I have said it so many times before but, I am so glad she came when she did, she is such a joy. She is a handful at church but other than that she's great. She is so happy, so easy to make smile, quick to laugh, and loves her sisters. I love the age she is at right now, so to top off her naturally fun personality, she is at my favorite age starting at 9 months, I love it to about 18 months. Then they start getting a bit more challenging in the patience department. So we are loving Lindy so much. We had fun with her on her birthday, she got lots of attention and lots of yummy food. We aren't 100% sure, but we are thinking she might have an allergy to wheat, so she has been off of it for a while and things seem to be improving with the spitting up and the weight gain, so i had to buy some rice flour and make her a cake with that. It tasted about the same as a normal cake, but I cooked it too long so it was a little dry. But she liked it. She got a popsicle with the cake, because we are also doing minimal dairy because she always get a bad diaper rash when I give her milk. So that is our deal with Lindy, but she still had a treat filled birthday. She got a ball popper and thinks it's great, and so do her sisters.

Happy Birthday self!!

My 25th birthday was on Sunday, and Milas had meetings and stuff so it was pretty much just like another Sunday, so we decided to celebrate on Monday, but Lydia got sick so it was pretty much another day, but still super. Milas made Hawaiin Haystacks for dinner, and dutch oven cobbler for dessert. We had gone to the park that afternoon and didn't get back till 6:30 so we had a late dinner and the girls were ready for bed so we got them to bed and had birthday cobbler just the two of us. It was funny because it was still really hot so the end of the candles were melted into it, When we pulled the candles out all there was was wick. We ate it with the leftover homemade ice cream and little chunks of wax. It was still good. :) On Saturday we had gone to the temple for some friends sealing, which was the highlight of the weekend. But on the way home I decided that I didn't really want what Milas was going to get me, so that afternoon we went to home depot and it was then, I discovered what I really wanted. TREES!! I have been wanting trees for our backyard. Milas had just returned some odds and ends that he had bought at home depot that he ended up not needing so he had a gift card there so. For my birthday I got 3 trees. A peach tree, an orange tree, and a lemon tree. I am super excited. I just hope we can figure out how to take care of them, so they don't die.

Happy Birthday Milas!!

Milas turned 28 on the 27th. Lydia is really into the birthday thing so we had to decorate with baloons and everything. We had chicken croisants for dinner and he requested homemade ice cream instead of cake, but you just have to have cake, so we had both. He said that he just wanted money for his birthday to start saving for a gun. So he got money and an updated sock supply. And a kite. :)

Happy Anniversary

The 19th was Milas and My 5th anniversary. He surprised me on the 18th with a note in the morning and told me to pack my bags and and that we were leaving at 5:00 for 2 nights and that The Parrish's OFFERED to take our kids. I was so excited and felt bad at the same time. We sure are lucky to have such good friends. So we dropped the kids off at "Marks house" and went straight to VONS for cereal. (it was on sale and was the last day) Then we went to Target for some fencing they had on clearance in the dollar section for our garden. Then we went and checked into our hotel. We stayed at the Monte Carlo on the strip. We ate at the buffet there, and it was quite delicious. We walked around some shops and both got tired pretty fast, we sure didn't fit in the night life of the strip very well. So we went back to our room and opened the curtains to check the view and found that our room was moth infested. So we got a different room. It was nice but not the greatest so we decided to check out of the hotel a day early and sleep in our beds to save some money. The room has no clock. weird? we thought so, and they didn't use a fitted sheet it was a top sheet tucked under the matress that slipped out with the smallest roll in the bed. I like my fitted sheets. We went shopping on our anniversary at the outlets and found lots of good deals. Milas got some new shoes and I got a new hat, and we updated Lydia's wardrobe, which was needed desperatly. We went to a nice little Italian restaurant for dinner and then went to see the Lion King at Mandalay Bay. It was pretty amazing. We went and picked up our kids on the morning of the 20th and they didn't want to come home with us. So I guess that is a good sign they had fun at the Parrish's but a bad sign that I am not any fun. :)

Crazy May!

I was doing so good, I blame it on May. it is always such a busy month for us with lot of full sd cards. I have just finished uploading the last of them. So here we go, on to our crazy June, which is just about as eventful, with less brithday's.

So here it is!

May 12th We got to have some special visitors. Milas' brother Kent took his wife Jodi on a Vegas getaway. They came that Wednesday and stayed at a hotel on the strip and left their kids at our house for a couple days. It was so fun to have them. I am so glad that my kids have cousins the same age. They loved having them here. Nana came on Thursday to join in the fun, and they were all super excited to see her. It was nice to have her here too. We had a lot of fun and would so do it again!! We played dress up, ate, went to the park, went to Mcdonalds, played at home, took naps :), changed diapers, ate, played in the back yard, watched star wars, and so much more that I'm forgetting because I waited too long to blog it. I didn't get pictures of Mcdonalds, but I must say it was fun for the kids. Nana treated us to dinner there, and Jill insisted on ice cream cones, she herded everyone to the counter. I lined them all up against the wall to wait for thier ice cream and would send them back in to Milas with thier cone one at a time. There was some ladies sitting there watching and asked me if they were twins. I said no of course but I wish I would have said yes just to see their reaction. We got some good looks in public. Someone asked Milas' mom at the park if Liza and Jill were twins too. I can't imagine having 2 sets of twins that close. I think you would be a very tired mother, but it sure was fun to have those twins for a few days.

Making pizza for dinner with Liza and Jill. They were the the dough rollers and taste testers.

Dress up- this was the first activity on the list, it was so funny. Jack even joined in the fun and insisted that he wear a dress too, even though he was a boy. He told me that he could be an actor. So funny, we got a lot of good laughs from Jack comments.

Jill and Liza

Milas set up the sprinkler in that back yard for them, and they played in the water and I'm pretty sure they enjoyed it.

Lindy Lou playing in the sand box