Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lindy's first steps

I can't believe Lindy is already old enough to start walking. She is still my little baby, I feel like I just had her, well I kinda did, but I don't feel like she has beg enough yet. She is 11 months and will probably be the youngest to walk. Lydia was 12 months and Liza was 13. It's so cute when they start walking, but they get big so fast it's kinda sad. She is so determined to walk, she tries so hard to keep up with her sisters. She has been standing up on her own for a couple weeks but just the last few days she has started to try and take steps. Her record is 5. It won't be long now till she is off and away and full of bruises from falling. Try really hard to only look at Lindy, no one else and nothing else. :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

just grateful

So today I am just grateful.. I haven't felt well the last couple days, (no I'm not pregnant) and I guess I have been a little on the lazy side of things. But I am grateful to have things to do and children to take care of. I hope they don't mind but I am going to refer to a couple people. One being my cousin Haley. A while ago she had posted on her blog about being grateful, and said the quote about the man who complained that he had no shoes and then saw a man with no feet, or something like that. Anyways, ever since then I have thought about that and thought about her, and me, and how grateful I am to have what I have.
The other person is a friend from BYU-Idaho, Hillary, Who is 23 weeks pregnant with her second baby and is on bedrest because of rare complications. She is so grateful through her trial and takes one day at a time with something good to say. So with those two people I have so much to be grateful for and can't complain one bit. There are so many others that I love and are awesome examples so just to name a few. Thanks all for your goodness. Love you.

p.s. Happy Cinco De Mayo.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"I wanna stop Whining"

I think the words, "stop whining" come out of my mouth a lot. The proof is in Liza. I picked her up to take her to time out today, she was kicking and fighting, and screaming "I wanna stop whining!!" She sat on time out and continued to cry those words. I told her when she did just that she could get up. She sat for a while and got up and told me once more that she wanted to stop whining and I say ok then stop. She did. For a little while. Is it a girl thing, or a 2 year old thing, or a my child thing, or a Liza thing? I am scared of my future with Liza as a teenager, she has a rebelious, whiney, needy thing going on. I hope we can steer those trait in the right direction. any tips? BUT. . . She is also the funniest one, I love her sense of humor. She is a tease but she is very quick to fix it and likes to make others happy. She is a joy and I love her don't get me wrong.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy Sabbath

Today was another super day at church except for the fact that I and the rest of the YW Presidency got released. They called a new president and counsilors, so that means out for me. :( But I am excited for the new leaders and the girls that get them. It is an awesome new presidency, I'm just sad that I'm not in it. I did get called as the Assistant Camp Director. That will be fun and I am excited that I get to go to camp still. It is sad, but life goes on and I am just anxious to see what I get to do next. (after camp) I might be feeling lost on Wednesday nights, I might have to randomly show up at mutual, or just make it my grocery night, or girls night or something. So that is that.

My Aunt Karen and her husband Cortino are here with us for a couple days, and it is so nice to see them and be with them. We love having visitors. Cortino did the Iron Man race in St. George on Saturday and did really well, acording to Karen, not that I know. Really all that I know is I couldn't do it in a week. I think he did it in 11 hours and some minutes. It is 140.6 Miles of Swim-bike-run. So that is why they are here, not really to see us, we're just an added bonus. So that is our good news. "Visitor, viiisitor" (do you know that movie?)