Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bath time crazies

They are out of control. Don't you wish it was that fun to take you bath or shower everyday? :) Beware, it is 3 minutes long, but it is also action packed.

Bath time

Bath time is a love/hate relationship with me, I love it because Liza and Lindy love it and are so funny. I hate it because it is such a mess, water everywhere, we usually have at least 2 soaked towels from cleaning up the water everywhere in the bathroom. Lindy gets so excited, Liza likes to make Lindy laugh so they feed off eachother, it's pretty funny. It is usually a little much for Lydia so she waits till they get out to take a bath by herself. videos to come. . .

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What the heck!

I am having some serious problems, not really serious serious, but serious enough that it makes me frustrated. I am frustrated with myself that I am getting so frustrated with my kids. I mean seriously. BAH! But to be positive and to recognize the good and the wonderful. . . We went to the park this morning with good company and it was so nice outside. There was a nice breeze and it was a little overcast so it wasn't hot. very nice. Also Lindy is getting so close to standing up on her own with no help. She wants to walk so bad. She crawls on her feet like a bear and when she wants me or when Lydia and Liza are running around she tries to stand up to go too. It's pretty cute, she gets frustrated, but she giggles when she is about half way up. I am grateful for her happy smile and laugh. She is just about the easiest baby to make laugh so thank goodness for her.

Monday, April 26, 2010

yada yada

We had a nice weekend last weekend. Saturday I was hardly home, usually Milas is the one that is gone and busy with a million things, but Saturday I was gone. Milas stayed home and studied and I ran errands with the girls in the morning. Not all 3 girls just Lydia and Liza, we went while Lindy was napping. We got home shortly after Lindy woke up and had lunch. Liza went down for a nap and I took Lydia and Lindy to a birthday party that Lydia was invited too. After being there a while Lindy got tired so I brought her home, Milas put her down for a nap and I took Liza back to the party. They had a lot of fun. It was an art birthday party, such a cook idea, it was carnival-ish. There were 4 or little stations they could go to and do a different craft or art project. and they did a couple relays. One that I thought was so cute was: The goal was to be the first to paint a rainbow. They had to run to the paper at the end and paint The first color, then run the paint brush back to the next person in line and they had to run back to the paper and do the next color until the rainbow was finished. Lydia is obsessed with birthday parties, she loves going to them, and asks everyday about her birthday party. So she naturally had a good time.

Sunday was a great day as usual, but it seemed like an especially good one. Good speakers in sacrament about the priesthood, Milas and I go to the Family Relations class, and that is always a good one. And in Young Womens we talked about Temple marriage. It was a good one, everyone that taught was awesome. Then I went to a youth fireside that night.
OK I guess I don't need to write down everything I did this weekend, I just started going, anyways yada yada yada....

This morning was a rough one for me, because of the whining and whatever else that goes on but we had a good afternoon after naps, after I recovered from my impatience. We had a good FHE lesson by Milas and went and played at the park.
I started blogging more frequently because I felt the need to journal more, and I am working on my personal progress book, and I am using it as a project. I am so glad I did, especially when I have days that I really am feeling like it was pretty crappy, and I was horribly impatient with my dear children, I feel like when I sit at the computer and I try and remember the good things that went on that day, and even during the day I am looking for good things that happen. I have noticed myself being a little more possitive, and I have felt like I am noticing that the Lords hand is surely part of my day. He is always blessing me. I notice and am aware of the spirit more helping me. Anyways life is still good, and my girls and husband are awesome.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday night date night

So tonight date night sadly was not with Milas, but it was still quite enjoyable. I went to a friends house and we made a cute craft, and I am so excited to put it up. Then a group of us went to Red Robin. It was so fun to sit and chat with some of my favorite ladies here in Vegas. I never thought I would be one to want to do the girls night out thing, because honestly I always thought they were kinda dumb, when I was not married and even married (before children). Let's be honest I liked boys (before I was married (and after I only liked Milas, no one else)). But now that I have a MAN of my own, I can leave him home with the dear children that we have concieved and go out with the ladies and thoroughly enjoy myself. So thanks Milas for always letting me go out even after I was gone last weekend, and never complaining. And thank you friends for being my friend, or at least pretending to be. :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lydia is full of good ideas

It rained today but it was nice this afternoon. Lydia has been begging all week to go the "butterfly" park, so I finally gave in and I'm so glad I did. Because of the rain there weren't very many people there. Once we got there, i was happy Lydia insisted, because I didn't realize that we all needed to get out in the fresh air. We met some friends there and I got to speak in English to adults and the girls got energy out. We got home right before Milas did and had Pasta-roni and broccoli for dinner. Not very domestic, but everyone is fed, happy, and healthy so we're good here. When all is said and done, it was a good day. :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

So Rad!

Tonight for mutual we did an 80's fitness night. I was a little worried that the girls weren't going to dress up, but nearly all of them did, it was fun and funny. It is so funny to me that most of the girls had 80 ish clothing at home, because it is slowly coming back. pretty funny. I know you probably think I am a total poser now that I have posted all these pictures of me, well I guess it's true I am a total poser. I do love a good photo shoot. I'll hold off on the me pictures for a while now.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

back in the swing!

I'm back from Casper and happy to be, but I had so much fun there. It was such a nice trip by myself. It was relaxing and I was feeling rather selfish, but it was so nice. I was able to sleep in every day but Sunday. I went Shopping with my Mom and Sisters. We did home pedicures. Ben cleaned the carpets, :) that was fun for me. he did such a good job. I went to lunch with my Mom and Sarah. I went to see my friend Heidi's sweet new baby girl. I made yummy chocolatey treats with my sister. Played games, I won a game of settlers of Catan. (We took a pict, but for some reason I can't find it, darn it.) And had an all around good time!

Also, my Dad wrote a book, and on Saturday night he had a presentation thing, that was more interesting that so called "fun", but I enjoyed it. I'm in the process of reading it so I can't give a very wonderful summary of it, but it's a political book, which I am not very savvy on, but it is about the basics of the fundamentals of the constitution and how our government has lost sight of what he calls the 3 pillars which are: The Pillar of Faith, The Pillar of Capitalism, and the Pillar of The Constitution. He is really smart (my Dad is smarter than your Dad.) He's a good writer and it is easy for me to read, so it must be pretty easy because I am not very smart about the things that it talks about. Anyways here's my plug for my Dad's book. it's called Wolves in Sheeps Clothing - Liberalism Formula For Failure By Dr. Clark Jensen. If you want to read it, I have a copy. If you want to buy one I have some extra, or they are on Amazon. :D So read it! We could have a book club party! ;)

Here I am at his presentation, doesn't it look exciting!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


So I made it Casper yesterday Afternoon. It was amazing how fast I got through the airport without kids and it is amazing how many people talked to me like a real person. It was nice. I was right though, I do miss my babies, and Milas of course. I am enjoying my sisters, Mom, and rest of the family. I stayed up late with my sister last night and slept in this morning. I have no pictures because the camera is in Vegas, I'll have to borrow my Moms. But to Milas' challenge, bring it!

Fun Challenge

Milas here -

So I sat down with Lydia, Liza, and Lindy this morning and we had a very serious conversation. We decided that since Laura is in Casper, WY this weekend we weren't going to let that spoil all of our fun. So we collectively decided that we were going to have way more fun than Laura this weekend.

So with that being said - LAURA, we challenge you to a dual. We think (collectively, of course) that we can have way more fun than you guys in Casper can this weekend. SO BRING IT ON!!!

And P.S. - you have to post pictures or else we (collectively again) won't believe you that you even had fun. The proof is in the puddin'!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sweet Lydia

After I had left to mutual with tears in Lydia's eyes because she wanted to come, Milas texted me this: "So I came in to Lydia's room looking for her and she was sitting in a chair with her little lamb wrapped up rocking her while softly singing I Am a Child of God." I love that she is such a sweet little girl that has so much love to give, especially to a little stuffed lamb. But even to her sisters when she wants to be. Such a sweet little girl I have.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

just kidding!

So I was just talking to Milas on the phone as he is driving home. I was talking about our day and the blank was gone. SO. . .

My favorite today was trying to explain to Lydia about the Holy Ghost. I think I am a little premature, she just wasn't getting it, and eventually basically just said whatever Mom, I don't want to talk about it anymore. :)
We started practicing the Articles of Faith and today we are working on #1, (we just started today :)) "We believe in God, the Eternal Father, (she got that), and in His Son Jesus Christ, (Yep got that one too), and in the Holy Ghost. This is where is gets confusing.
I drew little stick people by the word so she could know when to say it, and I drew the Holy Ghost as just a white stick figure,
Lydia - "Mom, what's his name"
Me- "I don't know"
L - "Is it Jesus?"
M - "No, he's just the Holy Ghost"
L - "Is he a scarey Ghost? Like in the movie"
M - "No we don't see him, cause he doesn't have a body. He's Heavenly Fathers helper and he just has a spirit. You have a Spirit."
L - "No Mom, (duh) I'm just Lydia."

I tried to explain what he does and that he just has a spirit and she says, "I'm scarey of him"
I told her he wasn't scarey and ended that conversation.

I guess we'll come back to this one. Or maybe we should not watch any scarey ghost movies, but I just can't think of any right now. Ok who's informing Lydia about Scarey Ghosts?

just another good ol day

well two ordinary days in a row, I know my kids said funny things, but now that I sit down to write, I am drawing a blank. So I am going to go with I swept and mopped my floor today, let me tell you that is good news.
Milas is working at the temple tonight so it's just me and the girls so we had pigs in a blanket for dinner, and now my house smells like buttery biscuits. bleh, instead of clean floor. Oh well, happy to have that done, oh and I remembered to pull Milas' slacks out of the dryer when it beaped so that means no ironing,. . . who am I kidding, it actually means they don't have to go through again. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fast Sunday

So I always enjoy Sundays, but today was especially special, why; because I was able to fast on a fast Sunday for the first time in about 4 years!! Lindy decided on her own that she was done nursing, I was sad at first, but I am so over it. I got pregnant with Lydia in November of '05, so that means I have been pregnant or nursing for 4 years and about 5 months of my 4 year and 11 months marriage. And I have fasted only maybe about 6 times, 7 counting today! I feel like a new person! Let me introduce myself. . . I am Laura Howe, Mother of 3 beautiful girls that have literally become my life. I love them dearly and would not change, trade, or wait for any one of them, I am so glad they are here, and came when they did. I am the wife of Milas Howe, who I also love dearly and is the other part of my life. I am better because of him. So if you only know me as Laura Jensen from Casper Wy, I'm way better now. :) I am not quite so emotional, but I would call myself a sympathetic cryer. I think I am a bit more balanced, and my husband might just like me a little more. I like to be with friends and I like to have energy, because I finally do, it's wonderful. Sometimes when I look in the mirror I feel like I look like a 13 year old girl again in parts. :) I get to go hang out with a bunch of youth every Wednesday, and I love that too. They give me energy and I love to be around them. I give one girl cello lessons, and I really enjoy that, even though she is going to pass me up in skill level in no time. I wear size 7 1/2 shoe and I love shoes, that is one thing I like about being pregnant because nothing else is very flattering, but my shoe size stays the same. So I guess if I need more shoes, I might just have to try for that boy.

I am going to Casper to see my brother who just returned home from his mission in Japan, and I am so excited to go and see him, and I am also excited that because Lindy decided to stop nursing, I get to go by myself. Milas is so awesome and is totally ok with it, or at least that is what he says, either way he's awesome and I'm so excited. It will be so nice to travel by myself and find out a little more of the new me. :) I just hope I don't get lonely, because I might miss my family. I think I will be ok for 3 days. So there you have it. My favorite today is fasting for the first time in a long time. It was a challenge let me tell you, but dinner tasted sooooo good after not eating.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 10th, sAtUrDaY

What a nice day we had today, well, I did, and I'm pretty sure everyone else did too. I started out the day with Milas shutting our bedroom door so I could sleep in. It was awesome, even though I wasn't really sleeping because my 3 girls are not the quietest in the morning. Lindy was the noisiest; I laid there enjoying my bed and listening to the girls from upstairs. :) While Lindy took her morning nap I took Lydia and Liza to Wal-Mart to buy plants for our garden; which we have failed with twice trying to grow with seeds, so we resorted to buying the plants already half grown. :) Better luck next year right, lets just hope we can keep these alive. We got home and had lunch. Lydia and Liza went down for a nap. Lindy was playing so good all by herself for about and hour. I went for a run/jog/walk in the wind (don't run against the wind, it's hard). Got home and put Lindy down for a nap. Helped Milas in the garage with a shelf rack thing he made for my purses and diaper bags. Pulled weeds. Milas moved a couple big rocks in the yard (he's so strong). Had dinner made by Milas. Milas took Lydia and Liza to get some ice cream for our treat after dinner, ate ice cream, gave the girls a bath, put the girls to bed, hung up the purse rack (well Milas did), he also hung up the blinds in the laundry room and the closet rod. Sounds like an awesome Saturday, but the best part was. . .coming upstairs and finding this:
I didn't even notice her, until Milas started laughing.

Here is the awesome shelf rack and my laundry room before the blinds were put up.

up close, look at that handywork!
So much better than on the floor in the coat closet.
This is what the closet looks like now, what a difference (don't be jealous (of my pink vacuum))

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Friday!!

I am just happy it's friday. Not that it really means anything different for my day, but still; it means the weekend and it's date night. YES!! We are doing a date at home tonight. after the girls go to bed we're going to get chinese food and watch a movie. I know totally romantic, but I'm excited. Have a happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 7

ok so my not so favorite thing is that I am potty training Liza. So not my favorite, But it is my favorite that she loves to wear panties, and is so excited about every little thing that has to do with potty. To liza that poo in the toilet that came out of her was the coolest thing she had ever seen, and she was the best at doing it.

Tomorrow no favorite. . . Well there will be but I will tell you now. BUNCO NIGHT!! Woot woot!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6th

Well my favorite today was... while I was doing my workout video, I was feeling tired after doing some push-ups or something, and I laid on the floor for a minute. Lydia usually watches me or is at least close by.

Lydia - "what are you doing Mom?"

Me - "I'm just resting for a minute"

Lydia - "No mom, you're supposed to excercise."

While doing an excercise

Lydia - "Mom, you're really good at excercise!"

I am so glad I have her there to be my coach now I will never lose motivation.

Monday, April 5, 2010


We had a nice Easter/Conference weekend with lots of eggs and candy. The girls had fun and I think it's safe to say that Milas and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves as well. Saturday we got up and went to an Easter Egg hunt at a park close by with some friends, actually a lot of people were there, but it was a lot of fun, Everyone brought a breakfast food to share and we all ate. It was awesome! After that we came home and watched General Conference. It was such a good one, I asked Milas if he was feeling left out because there were so many talks directed toward the Youth and to Mothers, but I felt so uplifted and energized to be better. We have such amazing Leaders!

We had a nice Easter Morning. Milas made us biscuits and gravy and I was going to make monkey rolls but forgot to do it the night before, darn it, I even went to the grocery store earlier to get stuff. Oh well next weekend. It was still deeeelish! And then we watched more conference. We made a tent/fort and played playdough later. What a fun family day we had.
Lindy found a green jelly bean, can you see her green tongue. She was pretty happy about that one.

Sneaky Lindy, trying to snag some of the goods while Lydia isn't looking.

Dying Easter Eggs

You think this egg is blue? it's not just ask Liza, "it's green" (everything is green to her)

Checking out what the Easter Bunny brought them.

The Conference Fort

Favorite things of today!

Well first of all, today was such a productive day so I feel ok about sitting here at the computer. I don't feel the need to go fold the basket of laundry sitting on my bed; it can wait. So I decided that because blogging has become sort of a task for me, I am going to put something on everyday or nearly everyday, of my favorite thing of the day. Maybe that will help me with the Milas and Laura Howe Journaling. So here we go...

April 5th

Today was such a great day I have many favorites. First of all I Did 3 loads of Laundry that happened to get folded and put away, a true miracle for me. Second, I didn't get frustrated with my kids when I came downstairs to find that Lydia and Liza had taken all the Easter grass out of their baskets and threw it all over the downstairs. (oh well, whats one more thing(s) to pick up off the floor). Third, Lydia and Liza played so well together today. FOURTH!! this is my most favorite. . . last night Milas and I were tossing Lindy back and forth to each other, (she is our thrill child). Lydia and Liza thought it was pretty funny too. Well today Lydia and Liza decided that they should do it too, (not to Lindy) They were throwing their doll back and forth to each other. They would count. "1, 2, 3....(Liza would keep counting to 5) and throw the doll, Lydia would catch the doll about 50 percent of the time and Liza would catch it maybe about 2 percent of the time. I hope they don't ever try this with a real baby, maybe we should practice catching just in case. Liza is so complimentary, after every throw or catch she would tell Lydia "Good job ly-ia". Lydia is such a mother and talks to her babys like they are real. She uses the high pitched baby talk voice that we all do, and gets that little face that you get when you talk to a baby. Try it, look at a baby and say even just "hi" and it is high pitched and you have a weird squishy eyed smile or something. :) Like the babies like that face more or something. Maybe it's just me, and now Lydia. I love it how they mother their dolls.
And my last favorite thing of today is - Liza turned on the little fan in her room and stood in front of it with a brush and put her head close so that it was blowing her hair. I asked her what she was doing, and she said she was washing her hair. What she meant to say was blow drying.