Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lindy Lou is getting too big

Lindy is 9 months old! Why do they have to grow so fast? Lindy has started moving all over, I can't just leave her on the floor anymore and find her in the same spot ten minutes later. :( The other day I had put her on the floor in the living room to answer the door, I had walked out to talk and I came back in and she had opened the cabinet under the TV and was pulling out DVD's. It has begun. She's a mover, and she is very happy about it. She was so ready to be moving around.
The worst time for her is when I put her in the high chair and she is waiting for food. That is the most urgant thing for her, but we made a new discovery this week, and it is. . . Lydia can feed Lindy!!! :D Do you even know how awesome that is!? it made for 20 minutes of 2 happy children. Lydia was thrilled to be feeding Lindy and being such a big helper and Lindy was happy to have food in her mouth. Typically it takes Lindy 5 minutes to eat, but Lydia was giving her tiny spoonfuls so it took a lot longer, it was awesome. That is Lydia's new chore while I make dinner at night. YES!!

We went to AZ last weekend to see Milas' brother Tucker because he is leaving on his mission to England this week. We are so excited for him, but even more exciting, (ok not really) Lindy learned how to clap. so cute. So there you have it. Lindy is growing up, so sad, but this is the start of my favorite age. From 9 to about 18 months I LOVE! I guess it's about time to get pregnant again right? HA - good one huh. :)

This was the first time she pulled herself up to standing, Scarey! But she looks pretty good in her hiked up bloomers.
Lydia feeding Lindy - I love Lydia's face. I wish I would have video-ed it. "Open you're mouth Lindy" in her high pitched voice. Lydia is such a little Mommy. I love it!

The ugly truth about learned to move. Getting stuck