Friday, February 19, 2010

So Behind!

I am so behind I don't even know where to begin. I really have just considered giving up the blog. Milas tells me often, "it' been a while since you've posted a blog". Yes I know, but it's been even longer since he has, so there. :) Someday I will post another one. The girls are getting bigger, and they are so much fun. Lydia has finally gotten over a not so fun stage. It was like a switch, all of a sudden she was pleasant, but maybe it was me, who knows. All that I know is that I am enjoying her happy state, I hope it lasts forever. I know wishful thinking, but at least I will enjoy it while it's here, and then when it's over I can say the line "where did my happy Lydia go?" Liza I am hoping is almost over her 'Stage' and into her happy stage, but we are still waiting. She is a typically happy child, but she is 2 and is still trying to figure out how to communicate the right way, but aren't we all. Lindy is an angel! She is 8 months will be 9 on the 1st of March. She has 3 teeth and is so close to crawling. She loves her Dad and will only say Mama on rare occasions when she's crying, so that doesn't count. Milas is working and studying and serving in his calling. He has traveled a lot this busy season which we, or I guess I am not such a fan of but we deal. We are a busy family. I finally feel like I have energy to work out so I have been trying to find a treadmill or bike or eliptical cheap somewhere without any luck so keep your eye out for me. :) I also hear good things about P 90 X, but for now it's up and down the stair with a kid or a laundry basket. I stay pretty busy with my calling with the Young Women and I love it, I get to do some traveling myself in the next little while so I am looking forward to that. So that is out family update in brief, Someday I will get on and have a marathon and do November to present. till then, adieu! Just a couple picts to prove we are here. minus me, but who needs proof of that.