Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tis the season of Halloween and ALL!!

Tis the season of pumpkins and scarey things! I like pumpkins way better!

Decorating for Halloween.

We went to a couple pumpkin patches and ended up getting our pumpkin at wal-mart. Those pumpkin patches want to steal our MONEY!! How do they sleep at night! It was still fun

The girls and Dad went down the blow-up slide, and Lydia and I went on a turny make you really dizzy ride. We had a grand-ol-time.

Lydia trying on different hair styles. I think the pink suits her.

cute little witch

Lydia wanted to take a picture of me. She loves to use the camera. Shwill steal it and I will find strange pictures on there, like one of the water in the toilet. Scarey I know, I think I need to hide the camera, I don't want to be fishing that out of the toilet.

Liza was ready for bed. This was actually on Halloween night. We had dressed up on Friday night for our ward Trunk-or-treat and I wasn't feeling it on Saturday night. So Liza worr camo pants and I called her a hunter. :)

Lydia just happened to want to wear the blue dress on Halloween so she was Dorothy.

Milas took Lydia trick-or-treating, Ahe got very scared, and I don't know that she will want to do it ever again. which honestly I would be totally ok with.
She went up to a house and a man opened the door really fast and was crouched down and he had his face painted white. She screamed and turned and ran to Milas. The guy felt bad and apologized. Lydia was done and has been scared of her closet since. She has climbed into bed with us for the past 3 nights, and is still talking about the scarey white man. poor girl.

And Lindy wore her cat pj's. It was perfect. and easy.

The girls were suposed to be fairies on Halloween, but we they ended up only being them on Halloween Eve. Cute nonetheless!

I love Lydia's scarey face!

I am really wishing I wasn't in this picture. My awesome wig was falling off dang it. Milas looks hot though!!

even hotter here! Lydia taken. She took 5 or 6 of us and she would laugh after taking them. I don't even know why.


We spent our Nevada day (Nevada's birthday) making applesauce. We had all these apples we picked in Idaho, and wasn't sure what to do with them. My dear Mother told me she wanted to get me an applesaucer. (I'm not sure of the scientific name) It was awesome! I am so happy to ahve one now. It was a fun family activity and now we are 22 quarts richer in applesauce. WOOT WOOT!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


The Gilcrease Sanctuary
We went to the Gilcrease sactunary for playgoup. The girls love animals so in was pretty exciting!
Lydia tattling on the lama thing. :)
Megan and Liza, they were looking at ducks.

Baby ducks. They were so cute!

Look at Liza's awesome pointer finger! Lydia talked to the bird like she was it's Mommy. She kept telling the bird to eat his food. "Eat your food birdie!" in her high pitches mothery voice.

Camping Adventure

We decided to be spontaneous with some friends of ours one weekend and go camping. We drove up to Mt. Charleston in hopes of a camp site, but after driving to multiple camp sites and finding them all full, we decided to just eat and go home. When we were getting out stuff together to eat, a couple guys were looking for someone to jump their car. Their truck was just around a corner at the archery range. I, being the insensitive one and the sceptic, didn't really want to help them. I was not very trusting of them and told Milas, They could take us up there and shoot us. :) sometimes I can be rediculous and overly un helpful. :D I guess I'll have to work on that. Anyways Milas told them we would help them after we got some food in our whining childrens tummies (really that is the big reason I didn't want to help). And the continued to convince us that the archery range was a totally awesome place to camp. So we took them up there. And the campsite was TOTALLY AWESOME!! well minus the lack of legal firepits and it being not so flat. So we had chips, watermelon, grapes, cinnamon roles, goldfish, and whatever we could find that didn't need a fire to cook. We camped through the night. The girls thought it was fun, and Milas slept decent, (as decent as he could in a sleeping bag without a pad). I had the pleasure of sleeping on an air mattress with a hole with 3 little girls. And my goodness was it a pleasure. I was in the middle, and as the air in the matress started to come out, I started to sink and girls from all side were roling in on top of me. I think that was probably the longest night of my life. I was so happy when the sun came up and we could get out. Don't get me wrong, it was an experience and it was fun, I just don't think I will do it for a while, mabe when I don't have a baby that isn't quite sleeping through the night.

Liza was grouchy and ready for bed, We were waiting for the tent to be set up, and boy were we grouchy. :) Once we got in the tent to sleep she hit a second wind, and was wired for about 30 minutes.
Potty break

Lindy enjoying the great outdoors

Dinner time

Our Idaho Travels

We had quite the eventful adventures in Idaho. On our way there we stopped in Utah at a friend of ours in Kaysville to stay the night on Friday. (Thanks again Tiff) Her dog had recently had puppies. They were so cute and the girls LOVED them. It was a perfect place for the girls to play.

On Saturday we arrived in Rexburg! We got to stay the whole week.
So Saturday and Sunday were pretty uneventful.
Monday started the crazy happenings. 1). Milas was on the phone all day with people at work, because of some issues her in vegas at work. Not so bad! 2). We got our pictures taken, which were awesome. but we were late getting there, and I was sweating by the time we were ready to go. Lydia was not happy, actually I think Lindy was the only happy one. :) Brianne is amazing because they still look cute. 3). Lydia ate a cashew thinking it was a banana, (she's allergic) and had a bad reaction. She was fine, but it was scarey. She had a hard time breathing and was red. I just gave her benadryl and she started doing better, once that kicked in.

On Tuesday Milas texted me and said "so I think Tucker and I made it into the Scroll next week". I thought. awesome Milas, I'm so proud of you, what an accomplishment. :) (the scroll is the Byu-Idaho newspaper) Then a few minutes later, he said that a piece off glass had fallen on him while he was studying. I couldn't help but kinda laugh, but after I talked to him about it. It really could have taken his head off. So him and his brother Tucker were sitting in the MC studying and all of a sudden they heard a crash and then something was falling down on them. They looked at eachother and were both a little confused as to what had just happened. There was glass all over the place. They stood up and Milas was bleeding some on his head and had some little scratches on he hands. Tucker had some on his neck and some on his hands as well. There books and stuff they had out all had minor cosmetic damages, but nothing too major. What happed was there were 4 glass pieces hanging above them for decoration or something and the one 2nd from the top had come loose and fell on the one beneathe it and they broke together and all the glass fell on them. The top one and the bottom one were still there. The glass piece were (I'm guessing) about 2 ft tall and 4 feet wide approximately. So crazy. When I would sit and think about it, I am just happy it wasn't the bottom one that fell. Anyways, they are both fine, and I don't think they are puttiing anymore of them up. (They had put them up the night before, the whole builing is under construction)

The rest of the week I guess was as normal as it could be with my kids and Sarah's Wyatt. We had fun and we got to pick a ton of Apples at Sarah's in-laws. Apples was on Thursday, the day that Lindy got her eye poked by the male toddler of the bunch. :) She is fine, it was just initially scarey because her eye was bleeding. It was only red for a few days, and I'm pretty sure she has forgotten all about it. I will just have to be more careful about where I lay her with little boys around.

Milas had brought home the left over refreshments from the recruiting thing, I set it on the floor and it was like a community doggy tray for the little pups.

The cute puppies at Tiffs house.

Liza is trying to get the puppy to stop licking her.