Thursday, October 29, 2009

A whole lot of catch up

Long time no post! I don't know where the time has gone. We have been busy in and out of town. And just busy with plain ol' LIFE! Gotta love it. In September Milas' Grandma Howe passed away. It was once again nice to go to Utah and be with family, but was sad. No one was quite ready to see her go. But I think everyone tried to make the best of it because she is now with her husband. It is so crazy how fast it was that she went. Milas' Grandpa has passed a way only 3 months earlier. I'm so glad that we have the knowledge that they are together and happy. Aunt Mack came to stay with us at the beginning of the week while Nana and Pops were in Utah, and we always love a Mack visit.
last week we went to Rexburg, ID. Milas has recruited there for PBTK the last 3 years, so that is why we were ther. It's so nice that we can go with him and they pay for the gas to get there. :) It's always a joy to be there. We stayed with my sister and her family. Sarah and Dan and Wyatt. She was an awesome hostess, even though she is pregnant and tired and I am sure was sick of our clutter and doing the dishes. We hope we weren't too much extra work. I love to visit family. While we were there we got to get our family pictures taken. The ones that I have seen I love, and I can't wait to see the rest. (Thank Brianne)

And the rest of the time we are home and just hangin out doing what we do, and rarely have a clean house. I just can't keep up, so sometimes I just give up on the clean thing, I just tell myself, at least my kids are fed and clothed and happy. (sometimes) We sure stay busy regardless of the mess. I need to find some source of extra energy so that I can do just a little bit more.

OH, and how could I forget our eventful camping trip. Yes I said camping. stay tuned for more. I don't you're dying to hear about that one.

We are happy here and are excited that Halloween is here to kick off the holiday season. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas time, and the cool weather. Lets all hope for snow again. !!!


My little helpers waiting for the cookies to be done.

Nana came to visit on her way back home from dropping off Uncle Tucker at school, and she got the girls these dang cute dresses.

Head stand anyone? betcha can't do that

Gotta love the pig tails. Or as Lydia says, " I want my hair in two like a girl"

Lindy discovered her toes and won't put the down. So I painted them for her so she had something a little more colorful to look at.

She is still the best baby ever. She is so content and happy. I love it! She has started eating baby food, mostly baby cereal, and she enjoys that. She is in love with her hand, and I think her hand is not so much in love with her. She sucks her thumb, and it is so chapped and red I feel so bad, but if I put a little mitten on her hand she soaks the mitten and it is useless. I even tried to get her to switch to a pacifier, but no dice. The hand is her favorite.

Big girl bed
Liza is now in a big girl bed. :( We put her and Lydia together in a room and bed time is a lot noisier these days. That's all I have to say about that.
Photo-shoots by Mack
when Mack was here she brought Tuckers awesome camera. And she posed the girlies and dressed them up and had a photoshoot. I think she's a natural don't you!

Our Utah Travels
The Denis and Terri Howe family at the plot
The cousins minus Tanner
here we are!
Milas and his siblings
Tucker, Milas, Kent
Mackenzie, and Tiffany

lunch time at grandma's
While staying in Utah, Lydia and Liza shared a bed together.
They both a very wiggly sleepers these first two pictures were taken within 5 mintues of eachother. One of the nights. Lydia woke up in the middle of the night pushed up against the wall. She was whining and Milas got up to see what was wrong and she said, "Will you get Liza off me?"

To be continued. . .