Monday, July 20, 2009

Our trip to Utah

At the end of June we took a suprise trip to Utah because Milas' grandpa past away. It was a nice trip excpet for the reason we went I guess. We enjoyed ourselves and were so glad that we all went. We went to the funueral and Lydia and Liza got to help set up flags for the funural. The girls got to see their cousins. Lydia and Dad went swimming. And we got to go to temple square.
The highlight of the trip was that it rained while we were there. We were walking out of the place where they had the viewing and it was pooring rain. There was a lady standing there with her baby and she was really hesitating about going out in it, if I'ld known her I would have called her a whimp. Ok maybe not. We were all so excited. We just ran out and splashed and got wet, it was awesome. When we walked out the door the lady with the baby said to someone "look at that Mom with the 3 kids," She probably wouldn't have thought much about it if she knew I never see the rain.

Our carpool Buddies. The Kent and Jodi Howe's - hey guys!!

Lydia helping with the flagsCarrying the casket to the burial spot.

All the cousins minus Lindy
Jackson - Jillian - Tanner - Liza - Lydia

Lydia's swimm date with Dad

Look out they spit


Bubble Beard

After church on Sunday I saw this awesome tree, it was so pretty so we put the girls in it for a picture. Why would I get so excited about trees? well we don't have trees like this here. They weren't too thrilled about being up in a tree; none the less still a pretty tree and cute girls.

Temple square on Sunday before we left for home and we got a family picture, The best that we can do. :)

How to stay cool in Vegas in the summer

1. Wear the least amount of clothing possible

2. run through the sprinklers - (water is key)

3. run through the sprinklers with your arms like Liza

4. Sit in the sprinklers

(Milas trying Liza's method and looking pretty good)
The sprinklers worked, because they had to warm up

5. Swim!

6. Popcicles

it worked cause they are laying out warming up.

4th of July

A little late, but here is our 4th of July adventures, and let me tell you, it was adventurous. I can't remember the last time that I have been to a good parade, so we went to the Summerlin 4th of July parade. I had seen it in the paper the week before and made the decision that we were going to get up and go that morning. So we did, and I think that we all enjoyed ourselves. I was impressed with it, and I think we will make a tradition out of going every year.

Feeding Lindy, yep it was HOT!!

Sad? yes, this is the best picture I could get of the 3 of them, Lydia and Liza just don't stop moving.

They had so many cool floats, but this was our favorite. Is that not cool!
I actually like the drummers the best, but this was the coolest one to look at.
After the parade, we went home and had naps. I am having a blank as to if everyone napped, but my guess is that everyone napped except Lindy and Me. It seems to go that way quite often. Then we went to our friends for their 4th party. Thanks Hansens, it was awesome! They let us swim, (well not me, no fun till 6 weeks right?), and fed us, and gave us an awesome backyard fireworks show.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

You know you look bad when...

This morning we were getting ready for our day, just a pretty normal day in the Howe home. I let Lydia watch TV while I showered and Liza showered (Lindy just hung out on the floor) I got Liza half dressed, by that I mean a diaper. It's hot what can I say. And I got dressed (in what seems to be a usual thing these days because nothing seems to fit) in my yoga pants and T-shirt. So we turned off the TV and Lydia came down on the floor to join Liza and me doing crunches. Lydia looked at me, and stared for a minute, and said. "Mom get dressed, that's your pajamas." She continues to look at me and examining what is different or wrong with my face, and then it clicked. She then said, " Mom go put on your make-up". I always knew that I needed makeup, but it has been confirmed that I should not leave the house in my workout clothes with no makeup on. I love the honesty of a two year old. - there will be no picture on this post because the most fitting one would be me with no makeup and that would not be OK.-