Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Pictures

Blowing out all 27 candles! The lungs are getting a little week I think, but that's ok because he got some help from Lydia.
Opening the amazing presents. Lydia was very excited about the whole thing, and had a really hard time not telling him what they each were.
Happy to be spoiled from the dollar store

Happy Birthday Milas!

Today is Milas' 27th Birthday! Yay for birthdays! and so far he doesn't have to share it. We were a little worried, but I am starting to think that maybe this little girl is going to be in there for the long haul. We love you Milas/Dad and hope you have a super day. And give you the best presents you have ever gotten on your birthday. (I took Lydia to the Dollar store to pick some things out for him.) And we will make you CAKE!

Isn't he cute. I just had to put this on because this is his 3rd birthday and 3 days later I was born.! :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

4 Years and counting, Happy Anniversary!

Today Is Milas and my 4 year anniversary. I would say a ton of sweet mushy things about him, but I will save that for Milas. We have been so blessed in the 4 years of marriage, Some moves, Babies, and buying a house. I can't ask for a better husband and life. I am so happy that I have spent it with him. and will spend many more. Love you darling! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Liza's late one year pictures

So here are just a few of Liza's pictures. I sure have cute kids! no offense, I'm just saying.

Oh and I got them done at JcPenny for those that were wondering.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lydia's late 2 year pictures

I finally went to get Lydia's 2 Year pictures done. I know way late. She will be three in August. Oh well, better late than never right. She was so good at smiling and posing. I did LIza's a few days later so I don't have them back yet so I will post hers when I get them. Everytime I go get pictures done, I always wish I could just take the nice expensive camera and do it myself. It drive me crazy when they don't snap it when I want them too. But they do a fine job I suppose. Maybe someday.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tax holiday, gymnastics, and visitors

Tax Holiday

Milas got the day after taxes were due off, so we went to the Bellagio to see the garden. It was so nice to have him home in the middle of the week. And now he has normal working hours, it's so nice to have him back in our lives.


Liza has figured out how to climb up the slide and sit at the top. She doesn't always go down right away, until Lydia pushes her down. She is so proud of herself, but it makes me nervous when she climbs up there and just sits. She hasn't fallen off backwards yet, but I think it may happen one of these days.


I signed Lydia up for a gymnastics class. It was only for 6 weeks, but it was perfect to see if she liked it, and let her try something new. She really enjoyed it, and I enjoyed seeing her in a little leotard. The first couple weeks she was afraid to try much, but by the last time she was jumping higher than an inch, and walking on the beam, and rolling.

The trampoline is the favorite activity, that is what causes the most tears when it is time to go.

Still a little afraid of the balance beam. Now every time we go out in a parking lot, she walks along the curbs.


Here is Lydia, Liza lounging and baby Wyatt.

My sister Sarah came to visit last week. It was so much fun to have the company and someone to play with. We were sad to see them go. Lydia cried when she woke up in the morning and they had left to go home.

We went to the Bellagio to see the gardens. We also went to the MGM to see the Lions, but those pictures didn't turn out. Mostly we did a lot of walking on the strip.

and the blue water outside the Bellagio.

We went to the Lied discovery museum. It was fun for all ages. I think we all had moments of great fun.

Liza playing Peek-a-boo

Playing drums at the museum
Just some random family facts.
Lydia - She is getting so big. She is so independent, which is nice. She wants to do everything herself. She gets mad if I come in the bathroom when she is going potty, and she wants to dress herself in the morning, which results in a lot of mismatched outfits (most days I let her do whatever - Sunday is the only day that I usually give her any input). We are working on matching.
She thinks that everyone has a baby in their tummy And she tells me that my belly is really big. The other night we were getting ready for bed, and she said she wanted to hold Liza, so I sat Liza on her lap facing each other. They started to play the Where's Lydia's __ game. (nose, eyes, teeth, etc.) I asked Liza where Lydia's belly button was and Liza found it and started to beep it. Lydia said after telling us that she had a baby in there, "careful Liza, don't push". It is funny to here her say things that I say to them.
She is a little singer, everywhere we go, there is a song. She sings songs that she knows, and she sings her own made up songs. Every night before bed she sings multiple songs and we have to tell her that she needs to be quiet, but she is no quitter, she then whispers her songs. Liza just joined in the fun, but seems to think that all songs end in E-I-E-I-O. Yesterday Liza was sitting on the driveway playing and I said, "I don't know why you want to play on the driveway Liza, " and Lydia broke out in song. "Liza don't play driveway... hm hm hm" Lydia is such a fun little girl.
Liza- is at a great age. I love this age. She is learning so much and it is so fun to watch them learn. She is picking up multiple words and loves to watch and play with Lydia. Most of the time I can tell her to do something and she will do it. I think her favorite things right now are our little tikes chairs. Lydia and Liza push them back and forth racing them and playing bumper cars. She also loves to hop. They will climb onto Lydia's bed, throw everything off and jump on the bed. The whole time she is saying. hop hop hop. She loves to play with Lydia, and is taking on a lot of Lydia habits and qualities. She has learned the art of the scream. Happy or mad. Liza has got it. But she is a little better at listening when told 'no'. Liza is equally a fun and entertaining child of mine.
Milas' work schedule has slowed down, and it has been so nice to have him home in the evenings. We are really enjoying him. Now I feel like I can have this baby. I am 36 Weeks tomorrow and I am hoping that she will come early. Like 3 weeks early. :) I am banking on her being as impatient as the rest of us, and that she has as big of a space bubble as me. If she has both of those, she should be here any day. :) Well hope you didn't get to sick of the Howe novel.