Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I have been feeling bad, because my patience level for my 2 1/2 year old is a bit short, and I am going to blame it on being pregnant. She is an awsome little girl, but she is 2 and is very bossy and says no a lot. I sure love her though. So here is a Lydia post. I do love her and I would hope for this baby to come out so maybe my patience level will improve, but I am so not ready to have this baby out yet, (as uncomfortable as it is).

Lydia is so good to show us that she loves us. She is so good to Liza, she is concerned when Liza cries and loves to be the first to go get Liza in the morning. Liza is also always way more excited to see her than me. (not suprising, Dad gets more too) She Likes to be a little mom. She gets down in a crouch right in Liza's face, and says in her high pitch voice. "Liza, wanna play with me?" "Liza, want Lydia to read to you?"
She is such a talker. It is non stop, and she says the funniest things, and always ends with "Okay?" or "hah mom?" It is so funny to sit and listen to her talk to Liza or a friend. I wish a could see what was going through her mind.
She is a smarty. It is crazy to me how much she soaks in. Part of our bedtime routine we will sit down and read a few verses out of the "Book-a- Narnin" and last night we sat down and she said she wanted to read. So she opened the book to our marked page and she starts, "And it came to pass. . . 'mumble mumble'...and it came to pass." So funny. I never really thought she was listening. I guess those words are used a lot when that is what she picks up.
Well I sure do love my Lydia, she is quite the character and I am glad that have her company during the day. Love you Lyd!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Getting too Big

At church today we sang "hold our torches high" by Jenny Phillips, with the young women. I just love those girls. Some are totally crazy and some are just so normal. I love it, I love to watch them and rememeber that I was once a crazy giddy girl with not much to worry about besides school and boys. Those were the days. Anyway I am so grateful for my calling in the Young Womens, I am always amazed by the testimony and strength of these girls. I am so grateful that Our Heavenly Father is so close when I am with these girls and that is always telling me what I should say and do. I know that he loves them so much and wants them to do well so that they will be awesome leaders some day. I love it.

Anyways after singing I went to sit down with my little family and I just sat and watched my two babies and listened to the things that Lydia had to say and I just can't believe how much she picks up and knows. She kept going from Milas and Ben Barlow (a friend in our ward) and asking them to draw pictures of scriptural people. "Dad draw Moses," "Ben draw Nephi." I can't believe how fast she is growing. I am so grateful for my little girls. I just sit there are watch them and know they were sent to me from our Heavenly Father and I have to teach them right things. I also am grateful for my calling as a Mother and am so grateful for the promptings I get as a mother of things to do for them. I sure love my family, and am so happy it is going to continue to get bigger.

On a different note. Lydia has had 4 days in panties with no accidents. YAY!! I still don't completely trust her to go on her own if she needs to, but She is doing so good. I am so happy. I have cut my size 4 diapers bill in half. Just in time to buy size 1 again. Wahoo! I love poopy diapers!! and I love clean panties.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks!!

Well we are not Irish, but it is fun to wear green. Lydia and Liza wore their green proud this morning at the park. It has been so nice lately, today it is 80, that is getting a bit warm, but it is nice to be outside. So Happy St. Patrick to all!

Here are some random picture of the girls. Liza has hair long enough for pig tails now. SO cute. She is enjoying things like purses just like Lydia did. I just love it. I love having little girls!

She is so proud that she is big and wearing a back pack

Liza and the purse. girlie girlie!

Young Love!

This is Lydia and Mark. Mark is Lydia's friend and most people that don't know Mark know of him because Lydia talks of him often.

Monday, March 9, 2009

little pooper

So today we have officially begun the battle of the potty training. Lydia will go on the potty if I just get her on there, it's just the getting her there is the trick. So last night I decided that it was time to start being consistent and get her out of diaper. I sure don't want to be changing 3 sets of diapers. So we have had a good start to it. She has only ever gone #2 in the toilet once before and it scared her, so she hasn't wanted to. I will ask her when I can tell she is about to go if she wants to go it the toilet and she says "I'm not a big pooper". Good news today though she did it this morning and boy did we have a little party, she was really excited that she got 2 stickers and 2 pieces of candy and that I was so excited. Hopefully she will catch on and it will all go well. wish us luck! YAY for POOPING IN THE THE TOILET!!! Yay for my little pooper!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

bad blogger

My goodness I have become such a terrible blogger. I wish that I would do it at least once a week. I just sit down at the computer everyday but I just don't do a post. Dang it. I think I need to work on that. Well here is a quick one.

My sister Sarah and her baby Wyatt came to visit us last week from Idaho. It was so fun to have company during the day. We had a lot of fun together, as usual Sarah is great company. who doesn't love their Sister, I mean seriously. Nothing better, except a Mom of course. So thanks for the visit. I wish you were closer Sarah.
Well we didn't do many exciting things, but we went to the park one day and stayed home mostly the next because Liza was sick, we did some shopping, and Thursday night. My blessed husband watch the 3 children for us and we went shopping and to a movie. He even had them all in bed by 8:00. He's so amazing. We'll do just fine with 3. (I just have to leave and let him do it, :) jk) We went and saw The movie "New in Town" It was a cute flick and clean too.

I guess that's all. here are some picts of the 3 crazies.

Lydia riding her pink bike, with a "princess smile" (she won't smile for the camera unless I say let me see your princess smile)

Liza is walking. She follows Lydia around everywhere. Mostly Lydia loves it because she likes to be the "pink boss". (I try to get it through to her that Mom's the boss and she agrees and then says "Lydia's the pink boss) but sometimes she gets really mad and cries because Liza won't leave her alone.

Lydia, Wyatt and Liza playing in the sand. I don't know how many times I have had to hose Liza's sandy bum off in the back yard.

Playing in the sand at the park. I don't know who the little boy is. But he had some cool toys.

Baby Wyatt. You can't just call him Wyatt. it's Baby Wyatt.

Liza looking and quacking at the ducks. She was so amazed. I just laughed at her. And then she wanted to go for a swim in the nasty green duck pond. She thought it was a bath tub. She is such a water baby.