Friday, January 30, 2009

Liza's Birthday

Happy Birthday

The Birthday girl playing outside

Opening presents. She got a ball toy and some bath toys, and of course a birthday outfit that she is wearing.

The big ONE

Lydia wanted a baloon with her number on it too.
Diving in. She wasted no time. Milas and I both turned around after the candle was out, we turned around and she was right into it. She destroyed that cake. I had to wipe frosting off her hand twice because she was mad that she couldn't use her fingers right, but other than that she was very happy with her cake. She was extremely hyper after the cake.
Cleaning up after, and playing with the new toys.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Brithday Liza!

I can't even believe that Liza is one. This year went by so fast, and she grew so fast. She is still a baby, but she sure isn't that tiny little infant anymore. She has really started to show us that she is not a baby and lets us know what she wants and shows us her extremely strong personality every day. She is also the best little hugger ever. Milas gets the nest of them, She gets so excited when he gets home and want him to pick her up and when he does she just wrapps her little arms around his neck and humms. It's so cute. We are so lucky to have her smiling face in out home. We consider her one of our [almost] 3 greatest blessings.
I will post pictures of the birthday festivities tomorrow.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Some funny kids

I just wanted to say thank you to all that gave us congrats. And sorry to some that feel like we waited too long to tell you, we still love you dearly.

So here are some pictures of my funny girls.

Liza got her first sprinkler and she wasn't happy about the photo shoot, so we only got a couple but the sad face is still cute.
Liza scaling the wall.

Liza dumped a box of cereal out and she is trying to get in as much as possible before we take it all away. I promise we feed her.

Lydia reading on the potty.

These two I just laugh looking at them, and this is why. This is the conversation that Lydia had with me right before I took these pictures.
Lydia: "Mom, wanna go see Dacey?" (Dacey is a friend of ours that is 6 and Lydia loves to play with her.)
Me: " No thanks"
Lydia: "Lydia's going to go see Dacey, ok"
Me: "Ok, well I am going to stay here"
Lydia: "It's ok, I'll drive, ok"
then she went to get her purse and shoes
Lydia: "I'm going to go see Dad at home"
Me: "Dad's at work"
Lydia: " I'm going to go see Dad, ok. Bye Mom."
She walks to the door
Lydia: " uhh oh, I forgot my keys."
she looks around for a minute and says. "Mom, find my keys."
So I give her her keys and she says, "ok, I'm going to go see Dad."
She went to open the door and said, "oh mom, forgot to set the alarm."
She is such a little boss, it's so funny to me how much she talks and copies. I told her that we had to take a nap first so she went upstairs and had to sleep with her purse and keys. She tried to convince me she needed her shoes because her feet were cold, but I know better, she got socks instead. I wouldn't want her sneaking out on me.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

And then. . .

So Milas found the camera, Wahoo! i was so excited that it was not stolen or forgotten on the side of the road or something. I tried to download an awesome video of Lydia and Liza but it's lame and I couldn't do it. There has got to be a better way than the video uploader on here. Most of my videos are larger than 100 MB so I can't and even if they are small enough it takes an hour to download and then doesn't even work anyway. So I am so open for advice and help in that area. Well I wish you could all see Lydia and Liza playing in their little tunnel and laughing really hard at each other. They play so well together. And I just love my girls, I think I should have another, what do you think?

I thought that I would get on and make a post this evening because it has been a superbly stupendous day full of happiness, with small moments of Lydia breakdowns and Liza tears, but over all a good day. This is how it went, but I will start by saying that a couple months ago Milas and I made a bet and I won today and I love to win, especially bets I make with my husband. It all started about 5 months ago in a room with just the two of us and I will tell you we are a very compatible couple, I'll tell you what,...irresistable, and then. . . well you know. So 5 months later, today, at 8:30 am I walked into some office I had never been in before with a 2 year old and a nearly 1 year old that looks 10 months and isn't walking yet and Milas signs in for me. Well if you didn't get it we were there, because once again I am a vessel :). A forever vessel of children, someday I will be able to say that Milas has known me longer as a non pregnant woman. (jk) he's known me longer as a non pregnant Laura. Well today we found out the gender. . . is either a boy or a girl, I bet you want to know. well I will tell you because these are very important things and some people already know and that would be stupid to not tell everyone. And you are thinking, "Laura you are an idiot just tell us, this is really annoying." Well It is getting late and I get chatty at night so sorry. It is once again and little girl!! I am so excited. I mean I do want a boy someday, but I think that these girls are great and I will take them. So YAY for us. Milas is excited too, he likes his girls too, but he also wants a boy, so I guess we'll have to try again in 6 months. (jk) Slow it down, right? Have you seen his abs? :) ok I'm done. Oh and I'm due June 4th.

Also, I won the bet that it was going to be a girl. And the bet was that if it was a girl I got a new outfit and if it was a boy Milas got a new tool. So we got a sitter tonight, (thanks Emily and Mike) and went shopping. It was a great date and Maternity jeans are a beast to find, and I was successful, so that just topped it all off, also with a little golden spoon ice cream, YUMMY! Happy Day to all and to all a good night! Love me.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Well I hope everyone is all settled and back to normal life. We are...our life of continual working on the house and putting things in place. It is all coming together. Lydia and Liza's room is finished except they don't have the closet doors on yet, but none of the rooms do. And we have two things hung up on the walls. Making progress. Hopefully by next year it will all be done. Milas is so busy with everything, I think the only time he sits down to kinda relax is at dinner time. He is working, studying for the CPA, and builing closet shelves, and a list of other things that are not on my list.

I wish I could post pictures of our awesome Christmas in Phoenix, but I can't find the camera and it is driving me nuts, because Liza is almost 1 and I want more pictures of her before she starts walking. So if anyone has seen my camera, please send it to me.