Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas with snow

I was talking to my Mom tonight and she told me by blog was boring. Only a Mother can say such things, but since I am home and the girls are in bed and the weeks have been eventful, I will make a post, but not just any post, a really long post with run on sentences. So it shall begin.

1.) We started off our Christmas season with a Christmas tree in a house without any other furniture that was not swept from saw dust or without a clean bathroom and without us living in it. We came over for Family home evening, put up some decorations and ate some leftover pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving. mmmm.

2.) Packing, packing, moving, and still moving. I have decided that a short distance move is way worse and way more drawn out than a long distance move. It is nice because the two houses are right down the street from eachother, but a phrase we have been caught saying more that a few times in our house is, "it's at the other house". There is an end in sight; we have to be completely moved out of the rental by Monday, So we have a busy weekend ahead of us full of moving and cleaning all the little things that we really could just throw away. FUN! Milas and I have planned ourselves a cleaning date for Saturday, so if anyone really likes my kids and wants them on Saturday, please let me know, you are more than welcome to have them for the day.
Packing the most important things first.
Lydia packing and taping her box of books.

3.) I had showed Milas this way cute nativity online a few weeks ago and was telling him that it was on sale and all the good reasons to have it. He didn't seem to care. I think he looked and said, "huh, cool." and that was about it. Well a week or two later we got a "Prize", Milas had ordered the Little People Nativity. It is so cute and Lydia and Liza love it. I think it's awesome because we can talk about the nativity and they can actually touch it and play with it. I was so excited and was saying that I was, so Lydia was too, she kept saying, "I'm so excited, thanks Dad, I love it."

4.) Monday we were so excited to wake up to a Vegas snow. It was so exciting! we made a little snowman with raisin eyes and that was that. then it melted on Tuesday. Then today, Wednesday, it snowed again, but a lot more than before. They cancelled mutual, which was a little funny to me being from somewhere that snowed often in the winter. But I understand that Vegas is not a very snow equipped city. They also closed some roads in and around Vegas. So if you are wanting to get in out of Vegas, good luck. Milas and I took the girls to the park and played in the snow and then we came home and Milas and Lydia went out and played in the backyard. It is quite exciting. And it makes me miss the snow, but I am glad that I am here and not sick of the snow.
Lydia out in our little Monday snow.

Liza watching from the window.

This is as good of a snow man as we did on Monday. Perfect for Lydia.
Notice my Let it SNOW! window sticker?
Cute little snowman and cute little girl.

(The rest are Wednesday snow pictures)

snow angels, and then we left because the sprinklers turned on. How dumb is that.

Liza and Dad. Liza has a frozen face.

"once there was a snow man, tall tall tall."

cold kisses

5.) Lastly, I would like to tell you all that Milas and I have decided not to do a Christmas card this year. I know sad huh, and I know you were all so looking forward to it, but we have been so busy and thought,... how about next year. So we hope you all have a Merry Christmas from the Howes.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So my mom told me to look at this web site, so I did, and I love it. For all of us that have a hard time deciding what to make for dinner and often times don't or have the same things over and over. or we have French toast or tuna sandwiches if we are really running low on ideas. You will love it. You pick your recipes or menu for the week and put it in your calender and it will give you a shopping list for you. So you have your shopping list and you whole weeks worth of dinner and you don't even have to think about it. It's pretty awesome, so I hope you like it. It is

have fun.

I have been meaning to put this amazing recipe on for a couple of people so here it is. It is delectable. My friend Amber gave it to me and I make it quite often. So good.

Cafe Rio Pork taco salad (I think it's cafe rio)

1 Pork Roast

1 liter Coke

1 bottle of BBQ sauce (18 oz)

1 Tbsp honey

Put all ingredients in crock pot and cook on low for 6-8 hours. Take meat out, shred and put back in crock pot for 1 hour


Black Beans

Romaine lettuce

Mexican blend shredded cheese

Put is all together and have a taste of heaven. I have had it as a taco in a tortilla or a salad on tortilla chip or a tortilla bowl. or a salad on a tortilla, it is good all ways.

It is most delicious with this Mango salsa

2 Large Roma tomatoes chopped (or more)

1 Bell pepper, chopped (I've used both red and green, both are good)

1/4 Cup chopped onion

1 mango (or more, we love our mango)

Add to taste:

lime and lemon juice



Give it all a couple quick spins in the food processor. Chill at least a1/2 hour before serving for best taste

Milas usually does the salsa so I couldn't really tell you much about thisbut we usually make a more than this calls for. We use 4 or 5 tomatoes and a million mangos.

Monday, December 1, 2008


OOOOo-what!! (only Lindsey and Sarah would appreciate that ooo-what, it's and Andrea Ooo-what!) Anyway...

So we still are not in our "new house" I feel like it is a never ending project. But the end is in sight. We were going to move in over Thanksgiving weekend, but the base boards didn't come. LAME! We were going to do them on Friday and move on Saturday. The base boards came today so hopefully we can move in on Saturday.

We did go over there tonight for FHE and set up most of the Christmas stuff. Lydia was so funny, and such a big helper. all of teh ornament are on the bottom brances of the tree and she did a very nice job with the help of Dad on the tree lights. Christmas is so much fun with her now that she is kind of understanding. She is such a little Mother. She tells Liza that that is a a Christmas tree and that there are lights on them, but don't touch the ornaments. And Liza just looks at her and smile and continues on her way over to the outlet to shock herself again...

The outlet covers hadn't been put back on yet from painting and Liza has shocked herself twice. Poor thing. Milas put them all on tonight we figured that is kind of one of those things you should do with a crawler. We are really attentive parents can't you tell. :) Well maybe next month I'll post another one. jk. hopefully once everything slows down with moving and we get in to the house I can be a better blogger. Then again maybe not. We shall see.

Oh and I got a new calling that I am so excited about. I am the 2nd councilor in young womens. I am over the Beehives. It will be fun and busy, but I am excited because 12 year old girls are so giddy and giggly and so excited just to be there. So it will be fun.

I hope everyone had a super Thanksgiving. Ours was awesome. Thanks Trin-ty. You rock!