Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We had a super Halloween. Lydia quite enjoys candy so we had a great weekend full of sugar and late nights. On Halloween we went over to our friends' house, the Barlows, and the husbands took the girls trick-or-treating. Liza went in the stroller and Lydia walked or got carried by Dad. Liza went through 4 or 5 dum-dums and was so hyper. Lydia was a pro trick-or-treater. People like little kids way more than the idiot high schooler kids that don't even dress up that just go around getting free candy. I have issues with those kids. I say if you can have a job you should not be trick-or-treating, so buy your own candy. There was a kid that was dressed as a woman, yeah a little strange, and he was carrying his heels he said that his feet were killing him because he had had them on all day at work. all said in his gay little voice. Yeah I think he got one dum-dum. His mom was even with him, (some people) anyways back to my kids....they are really cute :)

Just a cute little something about my cute kids. Today we were walking into church and Lydia wanted Milas to carry her in, and Milas was already carrying Liza, When we are carrying both of them at the same time Lydia always says, "two goyls" So we got in and she is reaching over to
Liza pinching her cheeks and keeps saying "pretty cute, pretty cute, Liza" Lydia is so funny. Lydia is so very talkative and pretty opinionated, she is a little mommy and likes to be the boss. She likes to be in charge of Liza and to tell her no. someday we will try the whole potty training thing. I want to do it before we get into the new house so she can have accidents here. :)

Liza has been crawling for almost a month, she is all over the place and is into copying everything. Lydia screams, Liza screams. she is waving, clapping and throwing fits, (especially when she wants a dum-dum) She has 6 teeth and wants to eat everything. I would pick up all the cheerios on the floor that she throws, but I don't because then she can have a snack for later, it's the chicken nuggets, raisins, rocks, shoes, and everything else on the floor that we have to be careful about. It was so much easier to keep the little things that are choking hazards off the floor with just one. I am constantly pulling rocks out of Liza's mouth, Lydia loves to bring the rocks in from outside. JOY! She pulls herself to stand and will probably be cruising any time now. She watches Lydia and wants to play with her so bad.

We are not in the new house yet. We have gotten a lot of painting done and this weekend we'll hopefully start the flooring. On Saturday Milas and some friends pulled up all the carpet and Linoleum. We are hoping to be done and start moving in at the end of the month. This is such a process, It would go so much faster, if I had a nanny, and if Milas could take 2 weeks off work. Oh well , we are so lucky to be able to still live in the rental. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped and babysat, we owe you big! Well now that you are sick of reading, here are some pictures.

Carving Pumpkins

Decorating for Halloween

Thing 1 and Thing 2