Sunday, October 5, 2008


I am been slacking on the whole Blogging thing. Our main computer died last week and the other one is in Liza's room so when I have a minute to get on is when she is sleeping in her room, so I havn't been doing it. Sorry. We also have been really busy with the house. Milas and I bought out first house!!! We are so excited to get it all going. It was a forclosure, so we got a great price on it, but it needs some work. Milas has been putting a thousand holes in the walls trying to wire up the alarm system and other stuff I have no idea about. My dad came up for a conference this weekend and he was kind enough to help patch holes and pull up baseboards and so much more. (Thanks Dad) Milas' mom and sister are coming this week (which we are so grateful) to help paint so we will be busy busy. And then we will have to get new flooring. It will be so nice once it is all finished. It is 5 bed 2 1/2 bath and it has a 3 car gargage(yes! room for Milas tools) Visitors are definetly welcome in about a month or 2 unless you want to work. :)

We still have two dang cute little girlies. Lydia is so fun, she makes me laugh daily. And Liza, what can I say, she is an awesome baby, I am so blessed to have her smile all day.

a couple weeks ago we went to the Gilcrease Orchard and our friend Trinity, who is now the bad Aunt or good aunt depending on who you are. had passed out dum-dum suckers to the kids. On the way home Lydia said "Liza likes it." And I said "don't give Liza food," I didn't think anything of it and then when we got home this is what I found. Liza did like it.