Thursday, September 11, 2008

say click take pic (name that show)

So I have been looking through pictures and I have been totally slacking. I have a lot of cute pictures and have had no documentation. So here are some pictures,

Fish cooked by Lydia anyone?

So a few weeks ago I had set out this fish on the counter to defrost. Lydia, Liza and I were in my room and it was nearing time for dinner, so I told Lydia it was time to make dinner. She looks forward to this, she loves to help me make dinner. So we went to the kitchen and I showed her the fish that we were going to cook. She was taking that in, maybe a little confused as to why the fish was in plastic and it didn't have eyes or fins. She didn't really seem to care much. I had forgotten my phone somewhere and went to look for it, which is a regular occurance throughout my day I always seem to misplace it. So I was looking for my phone. I had found my phone and went to the kitchen only to find that the fish was gone and now I was looking for our family fish. Well Lydia was going along with the plans to cook dinner, and since she has her own kitchen and I wasn't getting it done she took matters into her own hands. I found the fish in her microwave. It was still pretty rare so I cooked it the rest of the way in my oven. Without the plastic of course.

I just love a baby bum.

playing dress up. Lydia wanted Liza to play too. Liza thought it was pretty cool.

Yeah she is pretty slobbery and snotty. No worries though.