Saturday, June 28, 2008

I belong

I have had some of you ask about my 'I belong' button. I got it off of the leelou blog background website. the link for her website is on my side bar too.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Yes I do have better thing to do with my time than sit at the computer giving myself a virtual makeover. I have an addiction. There is a website called and it is free. You can pay if you want for more options. You get to upload one picture and you have about 10 hairstyles and some makeup and stuff. I have 3 accounts so I could use different pictures. :) You should try it is kinda fun. What do you think of this one? I don't know if I could ever chop that much hair off.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

still here

I just wanted you all to know that I am still here now in a 90 degree house with my poor Liza in her diaper. it is 5:00 and counting.

Lydia update

So I guess there are some wondering about Lydia. Sorry to not update sooner. Her test came back normal for the scary diseases like diabetes and others that I can't think of because I have a brain dysfunction that I can't remember anything especially in a hot house. Anyways there is one called a sed-rate that came back not normal and the only reason I remember that it was sed-rate was because Terri, my mother in law, told me. So the sed-rate was low and there was a one that tested her growth hormone that cam back high which I have learned since that it could have something to do with a poor immune system, So that is that. She gained 12 oz in two weeks and continues to have a pretty good appetite. She goes back in 4 weeks for weight gain and in 2 months they will test the sed-rate and the growth hormone again. So we will see, she seem better though. Her ear infection is gone so she has been a pretty happy little that has a new Molar.

Baked Potato

What are you doing today? Oh you wonder what I'm doing, well I will tell you. First I will tell you what I did last night. I made Dinner for Lydia and I. (Milas is in Laughlin doing an audit) We had spegetti and it was yummy. Liza got rice cereal and prunes and then about 6:30 I sat down to nurse Liza. and before I continue I will say that everytime Milas is out of town something always happens where I have to practice some independence and do it with out him. I always wonder what the Lord is preparing me for. So I sat down to feed Liza and I was feeling really hot and Lydia's cheeks were looking pretty red, as well as Liza's so I checked the thermostat and it said 83, well that's pretty hot. So I went out back to see if the A/C was even running and it wasn't, so I turned if off and then back on and nothing happened. So I called Milas to tell him the good news. Then I called a couple of poeple in the ward to see if they new anything about A/C and really who does, so no luck with that. In the mean time Milas called our Landlord, who I am sure was thrilled with the news. Mike and Emily Parish were kind enough to let us hang out in their cool house. I was hoping to have someone come last night but nothing seemed to work out. So the Parish's were also nice enough to let us stay at their house. Lydia was totally fine with the whole thing, she got to play with Mark last night and all morning. Now they are taking naps while I am sitting in my 87 degree house while the repair man is working outside in the 105+ degree weather outside. This morning A company came and looked at it and said the compressor was broken and our Landlord wanted a second opinion because a compressor is expensive. So now it is 2:00 and we still have no A/C and won't for probably another 5-7 hours. He said to fix the compressor he has to vacuum out the system and that takes a while and then he has to go pick the part up and then take the bad one out and then put the new one in. So I hope you are enjoying your A/C because I will be too in about 7 hours.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Friday night activity down town

Friday night we went down to the strip to the Belagio hotel casino and saw the gardens and watched the fountains it was a fun outing. Lydia like to get out and go somewhere other than the grocery store, wal mart or target. . . figures. It was a fun family activity and cheap. We went looking for some cheap food for dinner, but it was not going to be found so we got a pizza at the Flamingo for $13 that wasn't any better that a $5 little ceasers. Dang people how do they sleep at night. The first picture is at the Flamingo while we were waiting for our Pizza.


The bald eagles in the garden. They would move around and make noise Lydia couldn't take her eyes off of them, except to look at the train.

Dad and the chunky Liza

The happy tree

Mt. Rushmore


Liza enjoying her stroll through the garden

One of many trains

the Belagio fountains.