Friday, May 30, 2008


First of all welcome home us, we got back on Wednesday night from Casper. We flew into Billing, MT and then drove to Casper and then the other way to come home. It was a very fun trip with lots of rain. I sure enjoyed being there. We went to see Jacob who had recently returned from his mission in Bolivia. It was fun to see him and be around him, he is great comapny. We played lots of Settlers of Catan, shopped and we got to celebrate Milas' 26th Birthday while we were there, I think he had a nice birthday, he didn't have to work and we got to hang out and go to lunch just the two of us. I think I gave him the best present of all....a toothbrush. :)

We got home and there was no wasting time. Thursday, Lydia had another appointment with the Gastroentologist. She had not gained any weight she actually was 5 oz lighter. So he said that he was going to do some blood work, so I took her downstairs to get some blood work, thinking it was going to be a prick of the finger or maybe in the arm with maybe one little vile. Boy was I wrong. I didn't have a moment to count, but I am not exaggerating when I say there were probably 10 viles of Lydia's blood when we were done, a whole lot of Lydia tears and sweat and A little sweat of my own. Holy cow, that was not something I want to do ever again, I saw how strong Lydia really was yesterday. I was laying on her and holding her shoulder trying to keep her still and another nurse was holding her arm, while another nurse pricked her and drew the blood. I felt so bad for her. So now we just wait and see if there really is something wrong with her, or if she just might be little. I am hopeful that everything will be OK, but I guess it is good to check and make sure.

Milas had gotten a cold last week before we left for Casper and He decided to give it Lydia, she lost her voice and has been coughing. We had a doc. appointment this morning for Liza's 4 month and Lydia's follow-up. Since we were there I had him check Lydia's ears just in case and sure enough after digging out a ton of ear wax, he found that she had an ear infection. Poor girl She really is hating doctors offices. She instantly cries when we put her on the table. I would too if someone was drawing my blood and digging wax out of my ear in less than 24 hours. So we get to go back for Lydia in 2 weeks to check her ears again. I love going to the Doctor.

Liza got her 4 month shots today too to top it of. She is handling it well though so we are OK there. Lucky for us Liza is a good baby, that loves the saucer that we pulled out of Lydia's closet.

Happy birthday Self!

Monday, May 19, 2008

3 Years and counting.


First photo. "So if someone were to ask you if we were dating what would you say?" -Milas- (DTR) "Yes, is that ok?" -Laura-
Married in the Bountiful Utah Temple 2005

Honeymoon in Denver (Fire Hazard, if you know what I mean)
Lydia Belle born August 13, 2006
Liza Jane Born January 29, 2008

Happy aniversary my love that is true. 3 Years and 2 kids pretty good if you ask me.

Monday, May 12, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

I guess it has been a few weeks and my last post is a bit on the negative side of things so I suppose I should update. On a more positve note... I have two cute little girls and a super husband. Happy late mothers day everyone. Milas was so great. He made me breakfast, Bacon, biscuits and gravy, eggs, and juice. Yummer, and he brought it to me in bed, I could wake up that way more often, so nice. Then we went to church and I decided that I like Mothers day better than birthdays and Christmas, (for selfish reasons of course) I get praised all day and everyone knows I am a mother so they tell me happy mothers day, and not everyone knows when my birthday is, which is on the 30th of this month by the way. And you get chocolate and it is always on a Sunday so Milas is home and lets me relax. Not that he doesn't do that regularly, but it was extra. I am so spoiled. Milas, and Lydia and LIza, got me a massage. I am so excited. I also got a double stroller. So Happy Mothers Day I hope everyone had as good of one as me.

These last few weeks have been pretty normal honky dory, but I always take pictures even if we aren't doing exciting thing, so here are some recent pictures, acutally I shoudl say quite a lot of pictures. Enjoy.
On Saturday we had a ward fiesta de mayo and they had a best dressed contest and Lydia won, we were so proud. That picture of Milas cracks me up.
Look at those pretty blue eyes
I got her hair in a little clip, SO CUTE
Lydia's is such a sweet big sister.

I love this picture they look like they are both cracking up. I am sure this will be a reaccuring thing. And they are holding hands. I hope they are good friends

Lydia's face, I love it, she makes this face all the time, I am so happy I got it so close up, And of couse matchy matchy.
Concentration. She loves this helmet. We introduced it to her when we got a bike seat for her and she has wanted to wear it ever since. She doesn't wuite get the whole front and back thing yet though. But that's ok because sometines I have to double check it.

Lydia wanted to hold LIza she says "hold er" Liza was just fast asleep