Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vegas anyone?

k so today I am not so much loving Vegas. I will tell you why. But first I will say that I am happy that we are here because Milas has a good job.
Since we have lived here I have been to 3 different pediatricians. The first one I went to had only been in practice about 2 years, his office was always chaotic and his nurses didn't have good things to say about him. I found out today that he is no longer in practice. THe second doctor I liked but the staff was retarted. I would schedule an appt. with one of the Doctors and I would end up with the other one who is russian, which is fine, but her english wasn't so great, so I was always saying what. They were suposed to get an authorization for Liza to get her hip ultrasound, she had a hip click. and first it took them three weeks to get the autorization and then I called to make an appt. for the office they got the autorization for and the doc. office said they don't do ultrasounds on babies. Why would you get an authorization for an office that doesn't even do babies. You are a pediatric center, hello! So hopefully we will stay with the one that I met today because the office is less than 5 minutes away, but as I walked in, it had a lingering smell of cigarette. The doctor was just fine and the Nurses were nice. I also went through a few doctors (ob-gyn). The medical system here is stupid and it is so saturated it is hard to find a good one that will take your insurance or that is close enough.
Next on the list. The scary crazy people. On the news everyday I hear something about some angry person or teenager that killed, injured, shot, stabbed, etc. someone. Last week there was an angry driver that ran another car off the road got out and shot and killed one of the passengers. Yeah scarey. Someday maybe I will be able to have an occasional day when I forget to lock the front door and feel ok with it. or be able to go to bed and not wonder if the alarm is set. Oh and it's really hot. And we are so far away from family.
Vegas is so great does anyone want to come visit.

There are things I like about Vegas, but today the cons are outweighing the pros. The pros are. Great shopping. We have a really good ward and have made some good friends here.
Sorry to complain, but seriously I am mad at the doctors mostly. Liza is 12 lbs and Lydia is barely 21. They were worried about how little Lydia is she is less than 5th percentile for weight. so they are referring me to another doctor to get her checked out to make sure her body is working right. Hopefully this doctor will be a good one.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The days just seem to fly by these days, April is almost over, I can't even believe it. I got Liza and Lydia's pictures taken at the beginning of the month so here they are. Lydia finally was cooperative, but the lady didn't take as many as I would have liked because Lydia wasn't posing like she wanted, but she was sitting still and smiling right next to Liza, I wish I could just take the camera from her and take them myself. someday maybe I'll have lots of money just to buy a really nice camera and some lighting stuff and some backdrops. That would be cool. So here they are. Liza Jane at 2 months and Lydia at 19. I will get some of just Lydia when she is 2. Just so you don't think I am favoring Liza.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Stomp Out Loud

While Milas' family were here, they were nice enough to take us to the show STOMP OUT LOUD. It was so awesome. I would highly recommend going to see it. It was very entertaining. It is a group of people that are very talented with rhythm. They use brooms, garbage cans, water, their hands and feet, keys, all sorts of different things to make different sounds. It was pretty incredible. You really have to be able to keep a steady beat to do what they did. Thank you Terri and Denis for taking us. It was also really nice to get a babysitter, Milas and I both felt so free. It was a great outing.

Here we are ready to go in. Milas, Laura, Terri, Denis, Tucker, Mackenzie.

Before the show started, we are so excited, especially Denis.

Milas and Mack excited about their Vegas guide.

Once again really excited about something, this time it is the escalator, but who isn't really excited about an escalator.

Mack and Me with the little stomp person

Tucker is sooooo excited about this.

Liza's Blessing Day

Liza was blessed on Sunday. Milas' family came up and it was so nice to have them. Milas' Mom made Liza a beautiful dress, we loved it. Thanks Nana. We had a fun weekend with them thanks for coming.