Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lydia at 2 mo. and Liza at almost 2 mo.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter weekend in Pinetop, AZ

We went to Pinetop, Az to spend our Easter with Milas' Grandma and Grandad Larson. We sure enjoyed being up there in the open and we enjoyed there company. Thanks Grandma for all the preperation for a fun Easter time and Thanks Grandad for the fun chores.

Just some random picture

These are just some random pictures that have been taken in the last couple weeks.

*We cleaned our carpets a couple saturdays ago, it is so nice to have clean carpets.

*Bath time with Lydia and Liza. Lydia thinks it's great to have Liza's bath in the big bath. and she likes to help

*Our Friday playgroup at the Park. And I got sunburned, did anyone else?

Monday, March 24, 2008


Ok so I'm kind of an idoit. I was trying to change my background and I lost all my side bar stuff so therefore I lost a lot of our friends links so if you don't see you name could you comment so I have your site again. Sorry for my stupidity. Thanks

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My little talker

My goodness it seems that Lydia's vocabulary has just seemed to blossom, she never stops talking. Most of the time I have no idea what she is talking about but it is pretty much constant. Like today after her nap she went in my room and found a note pad and a pencil and has been walking around the house saying paper and writing on it. She went into my closet Says "Dark" and says bye and shuts the door. Opens the door and says Dark again. All the while I am just sitting there on the bed watching. She will walk down the hall and them come back and tell me something. Then she sits down on the floor and says uh-oh. Then she walks out of the room again and comes back with her hammers and then she is telling me about her hammer and she writes it all down on her "paper" that she won't stop saying. Man she is just a goer, mostly with her mouth. She continues. "Phone?" "Nana?" It seems that every day after nap time she feels the need to talk on the phone, and today apparently she is wanting to talk to Nana. Most of the time it is Daddy. Yesterday it was Sarah.
Earlier today she hit Liza on accident with her Hammer and I told her to say sorry so she was saying sorry over and over again for a good 30 minutes.
She likes to point things out. She walks into the bathroom and says potty and if the potty is flushing she say "bye-bye-". Lately she has been pointing to things and telling us who it belongs to. She points to the guitars and says Daddy, to the dresser and that is also Daddy's. The grill and the tools are Dad's. She does very well and distinguishing who's shoes are who's. But guess what Liza gets. . . On Sunday afternoon after Church Milas was getting lunch ready and Liza was getting hungry and Lydia was wandering around the house talking about something important I am sure. So I sat down on the couch and proceeded to prepare to feed Liza. You know what this entails, well at home I don't cover up, Lydia was standing there as I was getting Liza ready to go, and Lydia points to my source of food for Liza and says "Liza" I started laughing and said yep you're right, that is definetly Liza's. Someday my body will be mine again. Then Lydia walks away growling like a monster or something. She is quite the character, Liza seems so mellow in the midst of all this jibber jabber and running around. She is a great baby, thank goodness.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Daddy time

"I love Daddy he loves me..."
Lots of the time when we are holding Liza, Lydia wants to be held too, So this is Milas holding two twinners. He's so strong.
That's one good lookin Daddy.
Story time before bed. Go Dog Go, one of her new favorite books.

cute girls

So having 2 little girls is great. We are enjoying ourselves here and are never ending catching up on sleep. so here are some of the girls.

Liza just hangin out on the table

Lunch time not that exciting, but her hair looked cute and she was sitting still. (that is her "cheese" face) tucked in and ready for bed

Monday, March 3, 2008


Lydia has just started to be interested in actually playing with other kids. It is fun to watch her interact with them and it is interesting to watch her as she picks her friends. It is interesting even at this small of an age, they seem to 'click' with certain people. Mark is one that she seems to have clicked with. She gets excited if I tell her Mark is coming to play. She'll be calling Marks name until her gets here. It is great to have him come play because she is occupied and happy. So Mark and Emily come play anytime.
Mark and Lydia eating all the grapes they were so good at sharing
Mark pulling Lydia, I can't believe how strong he is. Trying to get Ava to play too. She kinda wanted her space I think. Sorry Ava.


Milas was in Kansas last week for work and my sister Sarah came up to visit. It was great to have her and we sure enjoyed her company and her Peach poo pie. Thanks for coming Sarah. Yesterday on the way to church we were stopped at the light and Milas and I were talking and Lydia would add her two bits every once and a while and I turned and around and acknowledged her and she said "Sarah?" I don't know what she was talking about but apparently she was wondering where Sarah had gone.