Thursday, February 28, 2008


So I guess it is time to update. I am realizing that I havn't taken that many pictures of Liza in the last couple weeks. Poor girl, Lydia has about a million pictures of her. That's all we did is take pictures of her. So I guess this is what we have. Liza is a pretty good sleeper she will sleep a 5 hour stretch at night hopefully the stretch will continue to get longer and longer. She likes to be held a lot when she is awake. We hear her vocals quite a lot when Lydia is needing attention and Liza just wants to be held. I say it's good excercise right? Lydia still thinks Liza is pretty cool. She gets down and talks to her right up in her face and says in her hi pitched voice, because that is how you are supposed to talk to babies. "HI, Siza, hi, hi, hi" She hasn't quite gotten her "L" sound down yet.

Here is Liza at the park.

Trying to get a smile out of her, she is starting to smile, but we havn't gotten a pict. to prove it yet.

Lydia at the park and the weird looking duck

Weird looking duck huh.

This is Lydia on Valentines Day. We were making a card for Milas and I had my stamps and stuff out. I was writing on my card for Milas and I looked up and she was putting the stamp pad on her face. I guess she liked pink on her face. At least it is a good color for her and it was washable unlike fingernail polish.

Matching Matching Matching

Cute sweats. Thanks Aunt Jodi.

"Hi Siza"

Lydia really wanted to hold Liza, but once she had, she thought she need to walk around. (Killer on the back)

Holding Liza and watching American Idol before bed.
Our little Chef
Popping popcorn Lydia's new favorite treat.
Just to let you know, her hair looked cute at one time in the day, she pulled them out. We have a lot of crazy hair pictures. This is nothing new to any of you who have looked at my blog before.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


You may wonder what this is, well I will tell you. This morning I was talking to my sister on the phone and Lydia was playing with my old finger nail polish, (why i let her you ask) which she does often, I let her because they are all really old and you can't get the lids off without using plyers and if you were going to get the lid off it would probably be all dried up, if you know what I mean. Well I guess one of those wasn't dried up and the lid was easy to get off. I walk into the hall and Lydia has a beautiful color of silver all over her hands and there was a trail all the way down the hall. So if you have any miracle potions or suggestions on getting out finger nail polish I would love it. We are working on it with remover, but I am noticing that it may be a long process.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


My mom came out to help and let me tell you it was a lot of help, we sure enjoyed her and were sad to see her go. Lydia loved the attention, she didn't want me to get her up from her nap she would call "Mamma". I sure wish she was closer. You're welcome anytime mom.

Liza Jane at 1 week

Liza at one week old. Props help make a cuter picture I've decided.


I tried so hard to get a couple good ones of both of them, but it wasn't working. Lydia was not in the mood to sit and have her picture taken. So this is what we've got. I love matching outfits.