Thursday, January 31, 2008

Liza Jane Howe

Liza Jane was born on January 29th at 10:19 am. She was 7 lbs 2 oz and 18 inches. We are so glad that she is here and are enjoying our new little addition to our family. She is a great baby so far and seems to be okay with Lydia always poking at her face pointing out all her parts: "Eyes, nose (honk honk), hair. etc. I am happy to be home and am excited to sleep in my own bed with out nurses coming in every hour to check on things and make sure I'm feeding the baby (which I am). She has picked up very well on the nursing.

For those who want to know and also for those who don't really care: The Labor went well, it was a little strange. And when they say every pregnancy is different and every labor is different, I certainly believe that. I felt like I was in slow labor for two days. I was sick on Saturday and Sunday, and then Monday I was feeling better from being sick but I was having contractions. We went to the hospital on Monday afternoon and there were no rooms. So they checked me and I was a four so then I laid on a hospital bed in the hall for an hour while they monitored me. That was real fun. The plus to that was that I knew what was going on in all of the other rooms around me. The Nurses would come out and say this ones an 8. While I was in the hall I heard three babies be born. That first cry is always such a pleasant noise. I didn't change in that hour and my contractions were 2-5 minutes apart but they wern't regular so they sent me home. Milas and I went and ate some dinner, tried walking around a lot and then came home. We still left Lydia at the babysitter's just in case. I slept for about 2 hours and then woke up with painful contractions. I held out for 3 hours at home and then woke up Milas to ge back to the hospital. We got there at 3:30 am. I was a 5 so I got to stay. I got an epidural at 6:00 and have decided that epidurals are the way to go. Why not when it is available and it is worth the money. At 8:00 I was an 8 and Liza was born at 10:19 am. Milas won the guess of what time she would be born. He guessed 10:21. Good guessing Milas. I guessed 10:41 and he has let me know more than a few times that he was right. So that is that. Now we are off to recovery. Thanks to everyone that
has helped us.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


So yesterday I had a doctors appt. and things are progressing which was nice to hear. I am dialated to a 3-4 so that is a good start, but it could also mean nothing because I was a 3 for 2 weeks with Lydia, so we will see. Lydia has been sick this week with a cold and throwing up. Milas has had a cold as well. I have been lucky enough not to get sick, but I woke up this morning sick. What a wonderful thing it is to be really pregnant and be running to the bathroom. Oh the joys. I am grateful I got sick on a Saturday so that Milas is home to entertain and cater to Lydia's needs. I have a super husband. He is being a great help today.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Lydia was in a good mood one morning a few days ago and she was looking mighty cute so I decided to take some pictures of her. She is quite good at posing for the camera. I think we have it out a lot. She has a little toy camera she will walk around with and say "Cheese" to Milas and I.
Fold your arms!

This was my favorite, I had told at the start of the photo shoot to put her hand on her chin and she didn't want to, after a while she thought it was pretty cool to pose and then she would come look at the camera to see how it turned out. She did this one all on her own.
She was done with me taking the pictures, she wanted to switch roles.

I had turned on the TV for Lydia to watch while I got lunch ready, I came in to get her and she had pushed her lego box over to the TV to get a closer look, I don't think she could get any closer. (look at that cute little pony tail)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

nearly 38

So I didn't exactly get right on taking a picture. The only reason it happened today was because I had to look decent enough to go to church to therefore decent enough for a picture.

I had my doc. apt. on Friday and nothing is happening so I most likely won't go early. I have come to terms with it, and am trying to enjoy the last little bit of pregnancy. I have to keep telling myself two weeks isn't that many out of 40.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

37 weeks!

yesterday was the 37 week mark. Now that I here I am here I'm ready to not be here, I am ready to be at 40 weeks or at 37 and have a baby. My pants aren't fitting so good anymore and my shirts are not covering everything as nicely as I like, I have come to like Milas' clothing. He said that he has noticed more of his clothes in the dirty clothes lately. I still feel like I have things to do before she comes, but if she came today, I would be ok with it. I think Lydia is ready too, poor girl, has so much energy and I have a hard time satisfying her need to get it out. She goes crazy when Dad gets home, but lately that has been at 7:00 at night. Busy season has begun. Well I supose I will post a 37 week photo later, if I end up taking one. So good luck to me on getting this baby out early.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My Big Girl Lydia

Lydia is getting so BIG, (figuratively speaking) She is actually physicall quite small still, but she is not my little baby anymore. She picks up on things so fast and is talking more and more everyday. She will be 17 months on Sunday, and she still has not quite hit the 20 lb mark. We are hoping for it this month, but she has been between 18-19 lbs for about 6 months. She does eat, and pretty well, so hopefully she will go through a growth spurt here soon. She is our little helper, she like helping with the dishes, cleaning of all sorts, emptying the garbabges and doing hair. Milas loves to have her help with the Garbages, he says it goes faster because she brings the new bags to put in and he doesn't have to make two rounds. Teach while they're young we say. Put them to work.
Weighing in
This was an attempt at getting a picture of her pony tail. We made it, just in time to cut it to get rid of the mullet. She looked so big with a big girl pony tail.
Helping role the dough
The real thing is way better than play dough. But she still wasn't a fan of the taste.
She got a bowl with flour and a salt shaker and was occupied the whole time I made the pizza dough. I did get a really salty piece of pizza dough though, but at least Lydia was happy.

Better late than never

We got to go to Casper, WY for Christmas. It was a nice two day drive. We split the 12 hour drive up into two days so that it was more managable. It was nice to see all of our family. All of my family was there except for Elder Jacob Jensen in Bolivia. Milas was a great Dad all week Lydia got sick and I was quite tired so Milas was up with Lydia a lot. He missed out on a lot of sleep. He got to play raquetball about everyday. I think that was the highlight of his week. Lydia got an ear infection on Christmas eve so we took a visit to the Doctor to get her some medicine. Regardless she enjoyed being around everyone too. She did get a little overwhelmed at moments, but she sure liked her cousins and all the attention fron Aunts and Uncle and Grandma and Grandpa. We had a nice Christmas and we sure enjoyed being with everyone and we miss them already.
Christmas Sunday

decorating our gingerbread house
pretty Christmas dress
kissing cousins. Lydia and Carson

Singing the Messiah